How to Pick the Most Flattering Footwear for Your Jeans

Finding jeans that fit and have a flattering cut is as important as choosing the right footwear to wear with them to create a well-balanced and stylish look. So, whether you’re into skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, and boot cut jeans, pick the most flattering footwear to wear with them to make a stylish statement on your street looks.

Skinny Jeans

There are so many different types of skinny jeans such as cigarette jeans, slim jeans, and jeggings that are great for showing off your sexy legs without baring skin. However, they sometimes call attention to every flaw if worn improperly. Stiletto pumps, ballerina flats, thong sandals, sneakers, and any kind of boots go well with the style of jeans.

skinny pants with lace up sandals

skinny cargo pants with casual top skinny jeans with coat and heels skinny jeans with lace up sandals skinny jeans with statement shoes

Wearing stiletto pumps or high heels with skinny jeans helps to elongate the legs, but it also creates a very narrow “base,” for where the middle of your body is going to look bigger by comparison. So, if you’re not wafer-thin, try adding a top that extends to at least your hips like longer jackets, simple mini dresses, loosely-belted shirts, and long casual tops to balance the look. On the other hand, if you feel your feet would not be able to get enough rest on a particular day, ballerina flats will be the right pick especially if you have long legs and narrow hips. Since ballet flats are not at all bulky, they won’t call too much attention to your feet. Also, flat shoes with pointy toes are a great option as it is ultra-slimming making your feet look very long though they’re not always the most comfortable choice.

Skinny jeans were practically made for tucking into boots. So, if you have knee high boots, you can pair them with your skinny jeans as they can also add length to your legs. Wider boots with lower heels are the easiest to pull off because they will actually make your denim-coated legs look thinner. Just remember to avoid boots that are short, bulky, weighty styles, and thick platform soles. If boots have platform soles or chunky heels, you need a bit of volume on top. For instance, if you’re going for a slim head-to-toe look, try a pair of more refined booties with less bulk to keep the proportion of your outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans

leather jacket with boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans with sweater boyfriend jeans with sneakers boyfriend jeans with skull print blouse

Boyfriend jeans tend to have a slightly baggier fit as if you borrowed jeans from your boyfriend. Some of the styles of these jeans are relaxed, loose-cut or loose-fit jeans, and straight-leg jeans. The key to add some balance to a pair of casual, loose-fitting jeans are to go for a pair of stylish shoes. Boyfriend jeans can handle nearly any height of heel so feel free to show off your stilettos, block heels, lace up sandals, chunky-heeled boots with a bit of a platform sole as well as loafers, ballerina flats, and sneakers.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are generally more fitted through the thigh area, and flare out below the knees. Some styles known for this category are bell bottoms, wide leg jeans, elephant jeans and such. The only thing you must not do with these jeans is to tuck them into anything so you should be looking for shoes that don’t get too lost in the mass of denim that’s fooling around your feet.

flared jeans with chic blouse flared jeans with red top flared jeans with cowgirl top flared jeans with chic top

If you’re wearing flared jeans then don’t go for stilettos. If you want to really complete the retro look, but prefer the heels, go for wedge or chunky style rather than stilettos or pointy heels. You may go for block heeled shoes, platform boots, wedge sandals, sneakers, lug-soled boots, combat boots, chunky heels, thong sandals, and such.

Boot-cut Jeans

bootcut jeans with white top bootcut jeans with boots

Boot-cut jeans gently flare out at the bottom but not enough of one that they’d be considered “flared.” Consequently, they work well with heeled boots, flat boots, sandals, classic pumps, ballerina flats, platforms, and sneakers. They’re also ideal for wearing with ankle boots as it can actually fit in under the hem where skinny jeans don’t usually work very well. When wearing pumps or pointed toe with boot cut jeans, make sure they fall until the end of the heels, which can make you look taller. You may also show off your shoes by cuffing off your jeans to make it a little trendier.

It’s now time to embrace denim jeans into your casual street style as you already know how to pick the most flattering footwear for them. Stay laid-back and cool with jeans and be a street style setter.


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