How to Pick the Flattering Gladiator Sandals for You

Inspired by the Greco-Roman theme, gladiator sandals have now entered the mainstream with designers making them more flattering and diverse. Since they’re known for their flat soles and straps that wrap around the foot and often the leg, gladiators can make your feet look wide and your legs look short. Also, they can tend to create a mannish appearance when paired with more masculine apparel, which some women find undesirable. Luckily, today’s gladiator sandals come in many different styles that will absolutely perfect for your wardrobe. So, keep on reading for our tricks on how to pick the flattering gladiator sandals for you.

Consider your leg and foot shape when purchasing a pair.

gladiator sandals with lightweight dress

white shirt dress with tote bag and gladiator sandals white cut out dress with gladiator sandals statement skirt with knitted top and gladiator sandals red dress with lace up gladiator sandals

Though gladiators are trendy, you must make them flatter your legs and feet. For instance, petite women will look more flattering in ankle-strap gladiators and ones with fewer, thinner straps that allow for more of your skin to show while flat-footed ladies look best in heeled gladiators or wedge ones that add height, shape, and support to the foot. Avoid swamping short, chubby legs in heavy, knee-high gladiator sandals and wear chunkier styles with pants, rather than skirts or dresses. If you have an arch, you can rock any style.

Pick the flattering gladiators based on its height.

classic white outfit with lace up gladiators and lv bag peasant dress with gladiator flat sandals orange lace up dress with brown gladiator sandals gladiator sandals with sheer black dress gladiator sandals with lace skirt and bell sleeved top

Before buying a pair, consider the types of gladiator sandals based on its height, which divided into three styles including ankle-high, mid-calf, and knee-high. For the ankle-high gladiator sandals, which are flats with no heels, unfortunately, these strappy sandals are leg length suicide that can be very risky for muscular and short legs or thick ankles. Flat gladiators that stop just before the ankle or wrap around just above it look good on most women. Also, go for thin straps covering only the lowest part of your ankle will not make you look shorter than you really are. While the ankle-length gladiator looks can work for some, it’s the mid-calf and knee-high styles that really make a wow statement. If you have the height and thin legs, then knee-length gladiators will make your legs look thinner.

Think of a slimming gladiator style that’s universally flattering.

denim dress with gladiator sandals dress-with-lace-up-gladiators embellished floral dress with gladiator sandals

To create the ultimate leg and foot elongating visually, choose a gladiator style with a solid strip that bisects the foot in the center to enhance a vertical line on your frame and to create a long and lean silhouette. Heels are also slimming on women with thicker calves and ankles, because they draw the eye upward instead of to the straps around the foot. As for the strappy details, straps that go straight across the foot can make the foot appear wider than it is, so better opt for ones with diagonal straps that will make the foot appear slimmer. Moreover, if you have slim ankles and feet opt for thinner straps, for wider straps if you have thicker ankles and feet. You’ll also want to pick a style in nude, gold or a metallic shade as these lighter hues will blend in with your skin tone and elongate your legs.

Let your gladiator sandals steal the show.

architectural tube top with denim shorts and gladiator sandals 4. statement gladiator sandals with edgy outfit shirtdress with necklace and gladiator sandals maxidress with gladiator sandals green lace up gladiator sandals

To achieve the elegance with high gladiators, let the sandal be the focus by teaming them with your clothes that sit above the knee allowing the length of the sandal to shine. Also, pair these sandals with pieces that have simple colors such as black, white, or other single-colored outfits with minimum details, so that the eye-attention will focus more on your gladiator sandals. Though gladiator sandals are the in thing this summer, always go for ones which suit you, making your legs seem longer and glamorous so you’ll beat the heat with style.

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