How to Pick Flattering Prints for Your Personality

Incorporating prints and patterns to your style will add some personality to your looks. However, if you wish to make your style more expressive and speaks of you, you must go for prints that will showcase your individuality rather than doing the opposite. So, keep on reading for our fashion tricks that will make your style more stylish and personal.

Artistic and Creative Looks

abstract print maxi dress

rainbow colored dress with sun hat chic slit dress abstract print top with skirt and belt

An artistic and creative personality may be a woman who has an eye for architectural landscapes, nature, artistic paintings, fashion and such that wishes to channel her individuality through the clothes she’s wearing. You may go for bright colors and flashy prints, but keep in mind that an artistic fashion personality still looks smart and polished as contrary to avant-garde and eccentric styles. A geometric print dress in pastel colors, an abstract print top, a rainbow striped maxi dress and such can be great to flatter an artistic personality.

Retro and Vintage Looks

gingham print shirt with picnic shorts retro floral skirt with cropped top polka dots skirt with sweater polka dots dress with cardigan

Gingham, retro floral, and polka dots are creative enough to channel some retro and vintage vibe to your style. Conservative, demure, and modest may be the personalities of women that have an eye for vintage and retro styles as modern looks are usually known for striking, sexy, and eccentric touches. You may go for gingham shirts and breezy shorts for your summer picnics with friends or resort to polka dots dress topped with a cardigan for garden parties.

Carefree and Grunge Looks

denim shirtdress with plaid shirt plaid skirt with graphic top plaid skirt with bomber jacket flared pants with plaid blazer

A carefree look may be channeled with fringes and flares, but you may also think of bohemian-inspired prints, tribal patterns, Ikat prints, and such. Just add some grunge touches to your prints by going for combat boots or add a Western vibe to your style with denim and cowboy hats. Just be creative giving some tweaks to your outfit to create a certain style that expresses you.

Modern and Classic Looks

geometric print dress with structured bag edgy top with abstract print skirt abstract print top with boxy trousers abstract print mermaid skirt with edgy outfit

If you’re a fan of modern yet non-flashy looks, abstract prints in the neutral hues of white, black, gray, and brown may be flattering for you. Your office looks may look more creative yet professional with a geometric print tea dress, or a color blocked top. Just keep your structures architectural and sharp that evoke a modern feel.

Playful and Quirky Looks

quirky print bell sleeved top with billowy pants quirky print dress graphic print matching set candy striped dress with espadrilles

If you’re a woman fan of bright colors and quirky prints, channel your playful personality with bright, vivid, and loud patterns that will highlight your looks. Like Ella Catliff, think of an animal print dress in quirky colors that can bring your street style to the next level. You may also go for candy-striped dresses, rainbow striped skirts, and quirky print tops. Novelty print ensembles like a fruit-print top or a burger print sweater may also be great to add some quirky vibe to your street looks. So, take advantage of prints and patterns that can flatter your style while showcasing your personality.

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