How to Pick Flattering Outfits for Curly Hair with Larissa Bruin

Having a nice hairstyle with a nice outfit feel great, but if you have a curly hair that needs some time to fix, you probably need some style inspiration. Mind behind the From Hats to Heels blog, Larissa Bruin is a style blogger known for her naturally curly hair and incredibly pretty outfits that flatter her looks. Since Larissa makes her physique her advantage, making clear that you don’t have to look as basic as the clothes you are wearing, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her, especially if you have a curly hair.

Go for shades that look great on your hair color.

camel blazer with crop top and shorts

mustard sweater with jeans embellished forest green dress embellished black dress with boots coat with pastel crop top and skirt coat with lace crop top and skirt

Having a quite thick and heavy hair may seem challenging to style, but if you wish to embrace your natural locks, opt for flattering colors for your hair. Since Larissa has a brown hair, she avoids black or white shade that will only make her hair dominant on her features. Instead, she goes for the hues that will complement it like mustard, beige, camel, gold, and dark green. On the other hand, if you have a curly blonde hair, opt for lighter and pastel shades to bring out the best look in you.

Pick a low neckline to elongate your neck.

denim jacket with shorts snake print sneakers with shirt and shorts sexy top with high waist shorts printed blouse with leather joggers metallic black jumpsuit

Having a thick and curly hair will add some volume on your upper part, so balance it with a low neckline. Rounded tees and turtleneck sweater will only overwhelm your face, so resort to low necklines like Larissa always does. A wrap dress, scooped neckline blouse, tube top, off-shoulder top, button-down shirt and such will give a good proportion to your hair features making it look more stylish, or even “high-fashion”.

Play with outfit structure and proportions.

cape blouse with flared pants printed crop top and pants with pastel cardigan lightweight coat with crop top and skinny pants floral matching set with black coat vest with graphic top and leopard shorts

Apart from getting a flattering neckline, play with your outfit structure and silhouette to give you a complementing look. Like Larissa, opt for a cape style of blouse and a pair of flared pants that will balance out your overall look. Flares will make your heavy and thick hair on your upper part look more balanced with a pair of pants that flares slightly on your bottom half. Also, try to show some skin as much as possible by going for a crop top when wearing pants, or opt for a shorter skirt and shorts to show off your legs. Too conservative and closed outfits will only make your hair look a bit heavy and out of proportion so be careful of your outfit choices.

Resort to flattering head accessories.

gold band with red dress gold choker with black top and jogger pants sporty cap with ombre shirtdress statement sunglasses with matching set

When looking for sunglasses, hat, headband, or necklace, always consider your curly hair. You won’t like making your upper part look heavier by piling on wide-brimmed hats, or make it look out of proportion by wearing dainty hair clips. Like Larissa, opt for a pair of aviator or cat eye sunglasses to add some edge to your face, or a sporty cap to make your curly hair look more natural.

By heeding our styling tricks, you can now make your naturally curly hair look more “high-fashion” and a great accessory to creating fashion-forward looks.

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