How to Nail the Nautical Chic Look

The nautical chic look never gets old for summer. It may not be the newest or the hottest every single year but it sure is something that you can wear if you want something that’s fun, chic, stylish and foolproof. If you’re looking for something clean, crisp and simple to wear this summer, why not try going for this style? Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas on how to nail the nautrical chic look.

  1. Complete your nautical chic color palette – if you’re really serious about going nautical chic for summer, the first thing you need to do is to complete your nautical chic color palette. So, what colors should you go after? White and navy are the two most popular colors in the nautical chic color palette but you can also throw in some reds and some blacks as well as a few tiny pops of color (preferably brights).nautrical chic color palette
    nautical chic colors
  2. Go crazy with stripes – if there’s one print pattern / style / design that you should stock up on when doing the nautical chic look, it’s stripes. Stripes are quintessential for perfecting this look and really getting the nautical vibe going.striped skirt for nautical chic look stripes red and white
  3. Mix things up with a crisp white piece – whatever it is that you are wearing, try anchoring it down to a crisp white piece. Not only will this amp up the nautical vibes in your ensemble, it will also give it a nice, clean and crisp look.white top and striped sweater white dress with red and black accents
  4. Accentuate with gold and brass – looking for a typical way to sport the nautical chic look? Aside from the white and navy stripes, you can also add in gold and brass accents to your look to get that nautical feel going. Your brass and gold accent can be as small and dainty as a necklace, a belt or a button but you can also wear bigger and bolder brass and gold and brass accent buttons gold accent
  5. Have fun with nautical themed prints – classic stripes and solid colors are great and all but if you want to have some fun, nothing beats going for nautical themed prints to incorporate in your outfit. Anchors, chains, ship’s wheels, and other similar prints are the perfect ones to grab if you want to create a more fun nautical chic look.print anchor nautical chic print anchor skirt
  6. Wear high waisted bottoms – another way to go full on with your nautical chic look si to go for high waisted bottoms, especially shorts. This adds a nice air of chic to the look and makes it a whole lot more wearable.high waist nautical retro look high waist shorts


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