How to Mix Prints and Patterns

One of the trendy styles you’ll be seeing a lot this season is print mixing. Though it used to be a fashion faux pas to wear prints with prints, as the fashion rule taught us to always wear a print with a plain one, print mixing is now considered as a fashion-forward skill everyone must know. The secret to mastering the art of print mixing is in selecting the right prints and colors to make it work favorably together alone and with your personal style. Keep on reading for our easy tricks to mix prints and patterns.

Both prints must share the same color scheme.

checkered coat and striped pants with neon yellow top

polka dots skirt with striped blazer and clutch plaid shirt with checkered skirt and mustard pumps mixed print blouse and skirt with peep toe boots chevron top with plaid skirt retro floral top with pencil skirt

To avoid looking cluttered on your looks, your other print should at least consist of one color that ties in with the another print. Going for a checkered black-and-white coat with a pair of black-and-white striped pants would be great if you’re donning a two-tone scheme. For a more colorful variation, be inspired by Veronica Popoiacu’s style by teaming your printed top with a printed bottom in a similar color scheme. For instance, if your shirt’s print has red and purple on it, look for a skirt that has a print that matches with at least one of the colors on the other print.

Vary the scale of prints.

floral top and fur coat with checkered pants striped skirt with striped top printed jumpsuit with striped jacket leather jacket with mixed printed outfit

Mainly because we want to avoid making your outfit look busy or overpowering, vary the scales of your prints and avoid teaming large prints with large patterns or small prints with small patterns. If you’re petite to average you’ll look best in small to medium-sized prints while a plus-sized woman will look better in medium to large scale of prints. Also, wear the right print-scale for a specific body part such as average-to-small prints on a slim frame, and bigger ones on prominent curves as placing large prints on a small chest can make it look smaller, while small prints on wide hips make them look bigger.

Wear same prints in different colors.

checkered sweater with full skirt striped sweater with skirt and tights green top with striped skirt checkered top and skirt trench coat

If mixing prints and patterns feel overwhelming for you, try wearing the same prints in different colors for a coordinated yet trendy look. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, opt for a checkered top with a dominant black shade and team it with a checkered bottom with a dominant white shade. Or, go wild with the classic shades of red, blue, green, and purple that will look put together as long as the combination consists of same prints and patterns.

Treat stripes as a neutral.

yellow coat with floral skirt and striped top striped tank top with palm print skirt striped coat with abstract print outfit floral print maxi skirt with striped top breton striped sweater with floral skirt

Stripes are simple so you can treat them as a neutral that are much flexible than tricky-to-combine-color-and-intricate-combinations. Think of more complicated prints that will look great with stripes such as palm print, quirky patterns, novelty prints, graphic prints, floral prints, and abstract prints that will make your street style fashion-forward. Indeed, print mixing is a creative skill every woman should master to create fashionable and trendy looks with a touch of personality.

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