How to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

While your shapewear can easily give the illusion of a sexier waist, there are many other fashionable options whittling your waistlines without going on a diet. Whether you’re petite, plus size, or simply average, keep on reading to learn some tricks on how to make your waist look slimmer with minimal effort.

gold belt with leather dress

gold belt with navy dress statement belt with blazer and asymmetrical skirt wide belt with gingham dress

A flattering belt is a great way to give your waist some definition especially when wearing voluminous and shapeless garments. You may look for statement belts if you’re wearing a simple outfit or simpler belts when wearing an eye-catching outfit. Sometimes a thicker belt will make your waist look larger, so be sure to choose the best width for your body type. The belt will instantly give you a smaller shape by giving some contours to your flowy dresses creating a smaller wait but more balanced hips and top. When wearing dresses or skirts, keep the hemline hit on your knees or around mid-calf.

black and white side cut dress side paneled dress

Make use of colors and cuts to give you a smaller waist by opting for slimming side panels or cut out dresses with sexy side cuts. This is no fashion myth and flatters everyone. Also, you may create a smaller waist by playing with light and dark shades for where light colors highlight and dark colors conceal. So, better go for a dress with black or navy side panels that will create a beautiful illusion of your waist.

blue jumpsuit with gold belt body con lace dress peplum blouse with printed skirt ruffled blouse with dress pants

Don’t hibernate in your clothes as multiple layers will just add some pounds to your figure. When wearing bulky clothing, always wear it true to size to fit your figure and never wear several thick layers unless you’re going to Alaska. Go for lightweight fabrics like lace, cotton, and chiffon and go for a better fit preferably form-hugging to show off your feminine curves. You may also play with structures and styles like peplum blouses, fit-and-flare dresses, off-shoulder tops, V-neck dresses, and ruffles design. Just keep your waist the smallest part of your figure when wearing ruffled top and wide leg pants.

Aztec print cardigan with white top camel coat with casual chic outfit jacket with dress pink top with classic coat

When wearing a lighter top like pastels or whites, you may throw on some outerwear like dark colored jackets, coats, cardigans, and even vests to create an illusion of a smaller waist. Also, you may wear a dark top and light outerwear. But, be careful wearing the same color or same light shade of your top and outerwear as it may just create an illusion of a bulky figure.

beige coat with skinny pants trench coat with jeans wrap coat with white jeans

When looking for clothes in style, look for wrap dresses or trench coats with belts that never go out of fashion. Stylists say that the wrap dress is a coveted fashion trick to make any midsection appear smaller. Just to ensure that your dress won’t show every lump and bump, make sure it is the right size for you and the fabric is high quality.

crop top with pink full skirt crop top with lavender skirt crop top with high waist skirt crop top with black skirt

Also, try high-waist bottoms, including skirts and trousers as they tend to sit at the best spot on your waist causing it to look smaller. Also, they’ll also help you keep up with the fashion trends wearing crop tops and high-waist skirts or jeans. Just to avoid appearing frumpy, you may tuck in a fitted top, and add some heels to make your legs appear longer and leaner.

Indeed, fashion styling is the best trick you can do when you undergone some splurge in the weekend or when you wish to make your waist look smaller without going on a diet or workout.


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