How To Make Your Own Ripped Jeans

It is safe to say that distressed jeans is not a new trend. In fact, this ragged and edgy apparel has been in and out of the fashion trend spotlights since the eighties. Bit it seems like the ripped jeans are more popular than it has ever been before.

And while you can buy a pair of ready to wear ripped jeans at a store or boutique, and you definitely can, some of you ladies might consider taking one of your many jeans in your wardrobe and change its aesthetic for a more ragged look. Below are 5 easy steps on how to create your very own ripped jeans.


We all have to admit: even though we’ve got tons of jeans in our closet, it’s still hard to choose the one that you would revamp into a ripped jeans for several different reasons. Two common ones of such reasons may be attachment or sentimental value that you have for the pants, or merely overthinking. You may have a lot of things you’d want to consider on finding the “right” jeans to rip and distress.

But, generally, just answer these questions: How ripped do you want the jeans to be? Do you want something with a feminine touch to the ripped jeans? Or more tomboy chic? Are you going for a classic denim ripped pair? Or something more modern like black or white? Ultra-washed, just mildly, or not at all?

The moment you’ve got these questions answered and covered, you want to do some trial runs with seldom-worn denim pants or those you’ve bought at the thrift. Do not touch those newly bought pairs just yet. They’ll have their own time.

ripped jeans

black ripped jeans


Anything that requires creativity and craft will definitely need a time for preparation. It’s just an essential step. In this step, you’d want to gather all the things that you will need to distress and rip those chosen pair of jeans. You want distressing tools, as I like to call them, such as sandpaper and pumice stone to give your ripped jeans that authentic ripped look. For the actual ripping, you can have an uber-sharp scissors, knife or cutter. If you don’t want to accidentally rip the back part of the pants leg, you want to slip in a cardboard or anything flat to prevent so.

ripped on knees jeansboyfriend ripped jeans


With a chalk, pen or basically any type of marking apparatus, mark the spot or area on the pants that you want to rip. This will actually help you in visualizing your output and end look after this whole process.

tiny rips ripped jeansvery distressed ripped jeans


This is where you start making your jeans look ragged and edgy by rubbing those areas you marked earlier with sandpaper or pumice stone.  Keep doing it until you’ve got your expected level of distress. Depending on how thick the fabric of your jeans is, you would want to either lay the pants out flat or wear it. For the butt and knee part, it is best that you wear your jeans to be ripped.

black ripped jeanss


For making the holes, you don’t want to use the sharp tip of whatever tool you are using. Instead, graze its edge onto the pants. If you are planning for a show of skin, feel free to cut through a huge skin-showing hole or two. If you only want a frayed look, scrape through the fabric until you could see the white threads. Once you’ve got the ending look of your choice, stop scraping and use a pick or tweezer to create that frayed look.

minimal rips ripped jeansripped jeans outfit

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