How to Make Your Neutral Outfits Stylish with Kristin Sundberg

Neutral outfits have a play on muted shades like black, white, gray, camel, nude and such may seem lifeless and boring. However, going for juicy shades and blinding colors may only take away the sophistication from you. Mind behind the By Kiki blog, Kristin Sundberg is a style blogger known for her minimalist look featuring neutral pieces and classic ensembles in a more fashion-forward style. So, keep on reading to make your neutral pieces more stylish while keeping it polished and sleek.

Give your outfit some texture contrasts.

boxy top with white pants and coat

off shoulder top with suede skirt leather jacket with structured bag and black dress denim jacket with chiffon tank top

When wearing something glossy on your top, don’t go for a leather bottom that will compete with your textures. Like Kristin, go for a suede skirt that will look great with a cotton blouse, or a chiffon tank top that will blend well with your denim shorts. Even wearing a monochromatic outfit, keep the contrasting textures on your shoes, bag, toppers, and dress that will make everything stylish.

Pay attention to structure and silhouettes.

crop top with pencil skirt and lightweight coat structured outfit with pastel coat structured coat with gray dress and pointy boots leather skirt with lightweight tank top

Structured and sharp tailoring will give your outfit some sleek and polish. So think of wearing a structured blazer to your free-flowing dress, or team a lightweight coat with your boxy outfit. Whether you wish to go for a monochromatic style, adding some structure to your outfit will keep it modern and interesting. Though wearing oversized with oversized and fitted with fitted seem trendy right now, balancing your silhouette will keep your outfit streamlined and smart.

Incorporate stylish yet muted prints.

camo jacket with casual outfit striped sweater with all black outfit striped skirt with loose top and lace up sandals striped shirt dress

Like Kristin, take advantage of classic stripes that will look perfect for your office attires and resort to camouflage prints to add some edge to your casual outfits. Just keep in mind that horizontal stripes are widening depending on their size and placement, so be mindful if they’ll flatter you before wearing them. Or simply tie a striped sweater on your all-black outfit to spice your looks a bit without going outlandish. You may also go for geometric, abstract, and floral prints but keep them in the muted hues to keep your style classic and sophisticated.

Resort to a pair of lace-up sandals or boots.

lace up boots with camel dress and structured bag leather skirt with pastel coat and tank top lace up sandals with cold shoulder dress cobalt blue lace up sandals with neutral outfit

Though going for metallic or brightly colored shoes will indeed spice up any outfit, but if you’re minimalist and not a big fan of colors, simple resort to architectural, eye-catching, and stylish footwear. Like Kristin, you may find lace-up shoes, sandals, and boots great for your style as they can easily add some flair to any outfit without looking outlandish. Perfect for casual weekends to office meetings, lace-ups can be a great alternative to your classic pumps and ankle boots. Indeed, neutral outfits can take you from work to play. All you need is a little creativity to spice them up.

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