How to Make Your Basics Look Stylish with Helena Cueva

If you’re a practical woman who wishes to get more than what you invest for, timeless basics must be the ones occupy your wardrobe space as you’re aware that investing on trendy pieces won’t give you a lifetime benefit. Mind behind the Mia Ventura con La Moda blog, Helena Cueva is a Spain-based style blogger known for her basic yet stylish looks. Looking for ways how to make your basic pieces stylish? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Add some flair to your basic and muted outfits with statement accessories.

embellished clutch with ruffled slit skirt and white top

peach maxi dress with pom pom necklace and embroidered jacketsafari dress with colorful necklace navy maxi with color blocked clutch gold clutch with architectural outfit

Basic pieces and neutral shades can be spiced up with statement accessories. However, that doesn’t mean you have to invest on too many accessories to dress up your look. Remember, they’re only finishing touches, not the foundation of your outfits. Like Helena, invest on one statement necklace, one elegant clutch, one casual bag, a pair of lace-up sandals and such that can add some flair to your simple outfits.

Incorporate bright colors to your looks.

chambray cold shoulder top with pink shorts red shorts with polka dots blouse pink skirt with striped tee

Bright colors can give a bold statement to your looks, so have a few of them in your closet, preferably shorts and skirts over dresses that you can mix with your other pieces. Like Helena, spice up your classic blouse with a pair of brightly colored shorts, and your striped tee with a hot pink miniskirt. This way, you’ll look more fashion-forward and creative without going overboard.

Add some creativity to your style with prints.

graphic tee with zebra print skirt printed top with jeans summer outfit with clogs tropical print shorts wot black top

Prints can add some personality to your style so pick those that define you. For the summer season, floral prints and tropical patterns might work for you. But, if you have that classic fashion personality, go for basic prints like stripes, checks, polka dots, and such to make your style stylish yet classy. If you find your classic skirt boring like a zebra print skirt, team it with a graphic tee to add some trendy and casual vibe to your formal piece. This way, you’ll update your basic pieces and make them look a bit modern and creative.

Wear your basic pieces in unexpected ways.

sequin blazer with camisole and button front skirt denim jacket with sneakers and printed dress bandana scarf belt with jeans and sporty crop top abstract print top with tulip skirt button down shirt with striped pants

Wearing your basic pieces in basic ways is indeed boring. So, make your simple pieces a bit interesting by wearing them in creative ways. Like Helena, trade your leather belts with a bandana scarf that can work as a belt with your denim jeans. If you think your striped button-down shirt is a bit corporate, be inspired how Helena made her casual looks creative by wearing the shirt the other way around and teaming it with a pair of chic pants. Denim jacket can look great as toppers on your dressy outfits, as well as tying it around your waist for a sporty-chic vibe.

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