How to Make Track Pants Trendier

For the longest time, track pants have been used for athletic purposes. But now, these sporty trousers have been considered for stylish outfits as well. Get into the track pant fashion bandwagon by following these glamorizing styling tips.

Work it Up

Track pants might be casual, but they can be worn to work as well. All you need to do is wear a stylish blouse and a structured blazer. For a classier look, strappy sandals or pointy-toe pumps will do the trick.

blazer with track pants

Wear it with sneakers for a casual look (such as the one below.)

blazer and track pants

Go Moto

Look biker chic by wearing your track pants with moto-inspired pieces. A leather jacket and aviator glasses will take your look from sporty to grunge chic.

moto jacket and track pants leather jacket and track pants

Be Girly

Track pants are indeed sporty, so make sure to soften the look by wearing it with girly elements. Lace, frills and bows are just some of ideal pieces to wear with track pants.

lace top and track pants

The sheer top as worn by Kendall Jenner below is a good example of a top that tones down the athletic aura of the track pants.

sheer top and track pants

Go for Luxury

Track pants are known for their sporty and athletic feel. Upgrade the look of these trousers by mixing it with more luxurious and sophisticated style elements, such as a faux fur jacket.

fur coat and track pants fur coat with track pants

Be Snow White

When it comes to fashion, simpler is always better. As such, if you want to look effortlessly chic in track pants, wear it with a plain or structured white top. Throw in some sexy heels and you’re ready for date night!

white top with track pants white top and track pants

Show your Stomach

Be sexy in baggy track pants by wearing it with a midriff-baring crop top. Although this trend is not applicable for the chilly winter season, you can embody this style as soon as summer kicks in.

crop top with track pants crop top and track pants

Go Wild

Track pants often come in neutral shades, such as black and blue. But if you want to dare and break out of fashion convention, then shop for patterned track pants, such as the one below.

floral track pants

Once you get a printed track pant, make sure the prints stay there. Don’t let the design take over your personality. Bottom-line: make sure to wear it with a plain top.

printed track pants
Track pants are not just for running anymore. With these styling tips, you can fashionably take them around town as well.

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