How to Make Ripped Jeans Look Dressy

Ripped jeans are not a new trend but they sure have proven themselves worthy of the time they’ve spent in our closets and our must have lists. While totally rugged and casual, ripped jeans can actually look dressy and polished. Of course, if you want to achieve this kind of look, you’ll have to wear your pair of ripped jeans with the right pieces. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make ripped jeans look dressy.

  1. Make sure everything else is posh = if you’re aiming for the perfect mix between rugged and posh, make sure that everything else you wear with your ripped jeans are posh pieces. The ripped jeans alone can take care of having that rugged touch in your look so all you need are posh pieces to complete the look.dressy outfit with ripped jean s
    cape and ripped jeans
  2. Avoid oversize, slouchy tops – as mentioned above, it is important that you keep everything else in your look posh and polished so that means no oversized, slouchy, loose-fitting tops. These kinds of tops paired up with ripped jeans run the risk of ending up in a sloppy mess so it is best to avoid them.dressy cute outfit slightly ripped jeans
  3. Introduce structure to your look – one easy way to make up for the rugged look and feel of your look when wearing ripped jeans is to add structured pieces to your outfit. Introducing structure to your look will give it more of that sleek vibe which, in turn, will add to the dressy look of your outfit.posh street style look minimalistic outfit ripped jeans
  4. Keep things simple – you don’t need a pile of statement pieces on top of each other to give ripped jeans a dressy look. Sometimes, taking the minimalistic route is the best way to go. The simple combo of a crisp white shirt with ripped jeans and killer heels, for example, is enough to give your pants a dressier look.tshirt and jeans outfit ripped jeans outfit for summer
  5. Look for dressy details and accessories – buckled belts, dress watches, shiny brass buttons – these are just some of the details you could add to your outfit to give it a more dressy look and feel. Accessorizing with dainty but posh jewelry could also help heaps if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your look.nude palette outfit with ripped jeans simple minimalistic outfit
  6. Keep your hair and makeup on point – when you’re wearing ripped jeans, you want everything to look intentional instead of it looking like you had no other choice / nothing else to wear. One really easy way to achieve that is to make sure your hair and makeup is always done. It may not be a style tip per se but it sure will help you pull off ripped jeans effortlessly.leather jacket boots and ripped jeans ripped jeans outfit


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