How to Make Oversized Accessories Work for You

The bigger the better is this season’s trend when it comes to accessories. However, it may be challenging for you if you’re petite as it may easily swamp your frame making you look shorter than you actually are. Since the oversized trend is not exclusive for tall women, keep on reading for our fashion tricks to make oversized accessories work for you regardless of your body frame.

Oversized Hats

fruit print swimwear with statement wide brimmed hat

statement hat with suit wide brimmed straw hat with white romper and tote bag

Oversized hats are great for giving you a fashion-forward look, especially if you’re not an accessory type of girl. Apart from being a summer must-have accessory that’s usually worn on the beach, oversized hats can be great for formal occasions too. However, be careful wearing oversized hats if you have a small face, instead, try to go for bigger ones but flatter you face shape. Wear them everywhere, even on the beach, because they are not pricey, and can really brighten up even the brightest day.

Oversized Earrings, Necklace, or Cuffs

gold cuffs and statement earrings with black jumpsuit and tribal bag statement necklace with bohemian outfitstatement necklace with mustard pumps and shirt dress statement necklace and purple pumps with sweater and gray jeans statement gold necklace with black dress silver earrings with silver cuff and statement ring

When wearing oversized accessories or jewelry, prefer to take one oversized piece and make it a statement piece, so wearing oversized earrings with a statement necklace won’t look great. When it comes to earrings, you have to choose wisely, because they are so close to your face. Whether you choose the bright ones, with feathers, or elegant and classy pair, big earrings will spice up any outfit, so you can get a casual hair-do. If you wish to wear two oversized pieces at a time, go for a pair of haute couture earrings but trade your statement necklace with a statement cuff like Kristina Bazan did.

Oversized Belt

avant garde outfit with statement heels oversized belt with peplum top oversized belt with black outfit marsala outfit with gold belt and statement heels dark patent leather dress with statement belt

Belts are meant to slim down your waist while keeping you stylish. So if you have a petite frame, be careful of wearing oversized belts at it can only swamp your frame. If you wish to participate on the trend, be inspired with Miroslava Duma’s outfit wearing an oversized outfit with an oversized gold belt that balanced her looks as slim belts won’t work in a billowy outfit. Also, oversized belts are functional for taming and giving you some womanly curves in a stiff and structured outfits. Just feel free to adjust for the belt sizes so you’ll flatter your body type.

Oversized Tote Bags

casual dress with tote bag oversized bag with casual outfit nude tote with checkered top loose tee with skinny jeans and tote bag tote anchor bag

If you’re an office girl, tote bags may be your stylish and functional accessory. However, be mindful of picking bigger sizes if you’re petite as it can make you look disproportionally smaller. Oversized tote bags are great for giving you a stylish statement, especially if you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit. But, to make your oversized tote bags more versatile, keep them in the neutral shades so you can wear them with casual outfits, feminine dresses, and summer looks that will make your style fashion-forward and summer-inspired.

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