How to Make Jeans Look Extra Flattering on You

Jeans are a must in anyone’s closet. They’re easy to wear and easy to style as well. In fact, they go well with just about any look and any style that anyone wants to pull off. If there’s something that I know for sure is universal in the fashion world, it’s jeans. Here are some tips on how to make jeans look extra flattering on you.

  1. Shop for the right pair – the first thing you need to know about jeans is that not all pairs are created equal. There are certain styles, colors, and designs that will look better on others than it will on you and this depends on your body type and shape as well as on your personal style. When shopping for jeans, make sure you shop for the right pair for you, cut-wise, style-wise, color-wise, and size-wise.skinny jeans and super pointy heels
    victoria beckham posh jeans outfit
  2. Have your jeans tailored – the best way to make sure that your jeans fit you like a glove is to have them tailored accordingly. Sometimes, you’ll find jeans that are the perfect length but a little too loose around the waist, sometimes you’ll find a pair that accentuates your curves but is too long – all these and more can be remedied by simply taking your jeans to the tailor / seamstress.perfectly styled jeans posh ripped jeans
  3. Style your jeans right – another really important thing you need to do to make your pair of jeans look extra flattering on you is to make sure they’re styled right. High-waisted jeans, for example, look best when the high waist is shown off and accentuated with a belt or something else that will draw attention to it rather than being covered up under a shirt.jeans for long legged jeans perfect jeans outfit
  4. Don’t worry about having clean jeans – yes, it may sound gross but it actually makes a lot of sense. You see, jean fabric is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s also designed to sort of go along with the contour of your body so the more you wear it, the more it will form a shape that will hug you in all the right places. Washing them too frequently can make them lose that shape.dark wash jeans jeans and red plaid shirt
  5. DIY if you must – so you have a strong personality and you like to translate it to the way you do your outfits, that’s fine. Nothing is more stylish than a look that represents your own personal style and sometimes, that’s all you really need to make anything look extra flattering. Go ahead and DIY that pair of jeans you’ve been longing to inject some personality in fit jeans classic flared jeans


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