How to Make Fluffy Skirts Flattering for You

Fluffy skirts are not only feminine and romantic, but they’re also ideal for accentuating your figure by making your waist smaller or creating a nice shape on your hipline. However, you must to know some basic principles and fashion tips on how to wear fluffy skirts in order to be able to create maximum effective looks with these whimsical pieces.

Broad Shoulders

black sweater with white tulle skirt

polka dots sweater with white tulle skirt graphic tee with fur skirt fur skirt with sequin top and blazer black top with statement skirt tulle skirt with plaid shirt

If you have broad shoulders, recreate a balanced and ideal figure with a fluffy skirt that will nicely accentuate your shoulder line while giving enough volume on the bottom. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you can simply pick some fitted tops or blazers in dark colors to diminish your broad shoulders and team it with a light colored fur or tulle skirt that adds some volume to your hips. Remember, light colors highlight and dark colors conceal. However, if you wish to go for a monochromatic dressing, opt for a fluffy skirt with touch-enticing texture to draw more attention and create more volume on your hips.

Narrow Hips

fur skirt with heart neckline top tulle skirt with tank top tulle skirt with striped top tulle skirt with striped cropped sweater statement skirt with black top hot pink fur skirt with graphic top

If you have narrow hips, a fluffy skirt will help you to visually make it look wider while creating a feminine silhouette along the line of your hips and waist. On the other hand, if you have curvy hips, fluffy skirts will make them even curvier so be careful on picking them. Still if you really want to go for it, you can complement it with some tops, which visually make your shoulders wider like a horizontal striped top or a sleeveless top since fluffy skirt will make your hips much wider.

Wide Waistline

black sweater with peach tulle skirt yellow sweater with blue skirt striped top and military jacket with fur skirt red sweater with statement skirt pink top with tulle skirt gray tank top with midi skirt and nude heels fur skirt with chic top hot pink coat with neoprene skirt fur skirt with white top

If you have wide waistline, a fluffy skirt can visually make your hips wider therefore, will create slimmer waist and a nice curve along the line of your hips and waist. Wearing fluffy skirts with tight tops is the creative solution for you, especially if you have a nice figure and want to accentuate it even more. Turtlenecks, long sleeved tops, tight fitting tops and other garments of this type will do the tricks for you. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, simply opt for a fitted yet forgiving top and wear it with a tulle skirt that will do the tricks for you. Or be inspired by Blair Eadie’s style by going for a striped top and a military jacket that will create a slimmer waist through its lapels while fluffy skirt adds a moderate volume on your hips.

Petite Frame

burgundy turtleneck sweater with white tulle skirt turtleneck sweater with fur skirt tulle skirt with chiffon top and hat lavender tulle skirt with pastel coat lace top with white tulle skirt floral skirt with black top and orange belt avant garde skirt with denim top

If you have a petite frame, go for the knee length or maxi length fluffy skirts because below-the-knee length will visually make you look shorter and will add some extra volume to your looks. When picking a top for your fluffy skirt, you need to know that the it should complement the look created with the help of the skirt and not conceal it or contradict it. That’s why when picking a certain option you need to make it either repeat the style of the skirt or be short enough for not hiding it. On the other hand, go for a longer length of fluffy skirt if you’re very tall since a short one will only make you look like a schoolgirl.

Indeed, fluffy skirts are one of the stylish and functional ensembles to make your look balanced while adding some flair to your feminine style.

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