How to make British and USA Flag Nails

Diy British and USA Flag Nails tutorial :

British and USA Flag Nails

Yay!! It’s that time again! You can make British and USA Flag Nails for The summer Olympics ,4th of july ,holidays , sport competitions or just for fun ! My favorite event to watch is women’s gymnastics, especially the floor competitions!
So for this occasion, I’m doing a flag nail tutorial to honor the “hosting” country of England, and my representing country the USA! If you don’t live in the USA, you can replace with your country flag instead, or just paint two English flags (Union Jacks)! 
**If you like this look and think you would do better if you could “see” it done, leave a note in the comments and I’ll do a video tutorial**
Products Used for  British and USA Flag Nails : China Glaze “Up All Night”// OPI “Vodka and Caviar”// It’s So Easy Stripe Rite nail art polish in “White” and “Red”–these striping polishes are the best thing ever! I just found them at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I couldn’t have done this look without them–
British and USA Flag Nails1
Begin by applying two coats of color to each nail. The red nail will be for the USA flag.
British and USA Flag Nails2
For the “Union Jack nails”:
 1. Apply one thick stripe down center of nail. One sweep with the long striper should do.
 2. Apply a horizontal stripe across the center of the nail, making a cross. 
3. Apply a small stripe from each corner and attach to the center cross.
 4. With the red, trace over each white stripe. I left my corner stripes a little detached from the center, this is optional. (These striping polishes do almost all the work for you, they are much simpler than trying this with a regular “fat” polish brush).
British and USA Flag Nails3
For the U.S. flag nails : 
1. With your navy polish brush, apply around two small strokes in the outer left corner creating a square. 
2. With white striping brush, apply thin strokes across nail creating the “stripes”. Dot the brush on the navy patch to create the “stars”. That’s it!! 
British and USA Flag Nails4
And we are done! It really isn’t too hard at all. If you know me from previous nail posts, you know I love easy, so I’m not going to venture into “hard” territory! Again, let me know if you would rather see a video tutorial and I will post one for you to actually see me doing it. I hope you enjoy the Olympics!
British and USA Flag Nails5

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