How to Make a Turtleneck Sweater Look Super Chic

A turtleneck sweater is not exactly something that many would pick over another item of clothing like a jumper or a shirt because a lot of people have this notion about turtleneck sweaters being totally dated and unstylish. If you know what to wear with it and how to wear it, though, this neglected piece of clothing item might just be what you need to spruce up your winter wardrobe. If you’re looking for ways to make this piece work, check out these tips on how to make a turtleneck sweater look super chic.

  • ADD LAYERS – one really easy way to update your turtleneck look is to wear it with layers. Build layers by adding on pieces like a jacket or a coat over your turtleneck sweater for an outfit that’s both warm and stylish. Pick out pieces with varying textures to layer over your turtleneck sweater to create more depth and dimension in your look.

triple layer with striped turtleneck

black and white striped turtleneck

  • SIZE MATTERS – picking out the right sweater size is very important. If you’re going for the slouchy but chic look, pick out a sweater that’s a full size or two and not just half a size. Remember that your goal is to make it look laidback and slouchy but still chic, not sloppy and frumpy.

fitted gray turtleneck sweater slouchy gray turtleneck and leather pants

  • CHOOSE SLIM KNIT – think the turtleneck sweater is a little overwhelming for your figure? This is a common concern among petite ladies and often, this makes them shy away from the gem that is the turtleneck. To make sure your figure isn’t overthrown by your turtleneck sweater, opt for the slim knit kind. These are less chunky and are better for layering as well as just on their own.

turtleneck top and denim overalls velvet suit and gray turtleneck

  • TRY A TURTLENECK SWEATER DRESS – turtleneck sweaters remind you too much of mom? Update the look by going for a sweater dress that you can wear on its own, with tights underneath or with a fab coat on top. The turtleneck sweater dress is a chic alternative to the usual turtleneck sweater for when you can’t find one that suits your taste and style.

turtleneck sweater dress and boots turtleneck sweater outfit

  • GIVE IT A GIRLY WHIRL – the turtleneck sweater isn’t very feminine but you can definitely make it look like so by pairing it with softer, daintier and girlier pieces like free-flowing skirts, light colors and softer fabrics. This is especially helpful if you find knitted pieces too chunky and stiff or just ‘too unisex’ and not girly enough for your liking.

tulle skirt and turtleneck top slouch turtleneck and skinny jeans

  • THE LITTLE DETAILS – sometimes, all it takes to make a certain piece look chic and stylish are the little details throughout your outfit. Try going for an embellished turtleneck sweater to update the look or choose a sweater with more contemporary style like cut-out details and the like. You can also opt for a printed turtleneck sweater for a fun look.

houndstooth turtleneck mini dress white cropped turtleneck sweater

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