How to Look Stylishly Sporty this Fall

The sporty look has long been the toast of runways. From Tom Ford to Miu Miu, athletic chic has often been the focal point. Fortunately these days, you don’t have to be a certified athlete to pull off a sporty look. Here are some tips that can help you look stylishly sporty this fall, despite your lack of body coordination:

sporty shirt

Cap It Off

Even if your entire ensemble is not at all sporty, you can bring it to the athletic level with the help of a cap or any other headwear. Leather caps rule, but beanies and hats will do. You can wear it with a sporty ensemble, even with a jersey dress and sexy heels.

sporty kicks

sporty sweater

Sashay in Sneakers

For the ultimate athletic look, trade your heels for a pair of sneakers. Not only are they stylish, they are super comfortable too! What’s great about sneakers is that you can wear them with anything, such as dresses, pants and shorts. True enough, creating a sporty ensemble can be easily done with sassy sneakers.

sporty shoes

sporty dress

Upgrade the Look

A sporty look does not necessarily equate to jersey tops and rubber shoes. In fact, you can add a dash of elegance by mixing it with luxe pieces. For example, you can wear your jersey dress or top and pants with a pair of heavenly high heels.

sporty jersey sporty top

Pair it with Leather

Another way to beautify your sporty attire is to throw leather in the mix. Be it a jacket, vest or pants, leather can transform your look into gothic sporty chic. Most importantly, it can add a degree of warmth!

leather jacket sporty look

Keep it Warm

Sporty clothes are often made of thin materials, in order to keep the wearer cool during activity. Although this is the case, you can wear your athletic look – even when it is nippy outside. The key to keeping warm with your sporty outfit is to wear good outerwear. A sweater and a reliable trench coat are just some of the pieces that you can incorporate to your attire.

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