How to Look Skinny with Simple Fashion Tricks

Looking skinny is perhaps one of the most common goals women have when dressing up, especially for special occasions and events. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a bit more weight than usual but for some women, looking skinny is just a much better option. Now, there will always be days when you won’t wake up feeling or looking your absolute best or your fittest or your skinniest and on those days, some women would rather drag themselves and just get on with their day feeling blah but that doesn’t have to be you. Even when you don’t feel sexy or slim, you can cheat your way into looking so. Here are some ideas on how to look skinny with simple fashion tricks that have been tried and tested by so many other women out there. Give them a try next time you want to look skinnier in that gorgeous dress.

  • Wear heels – surprisingly, wearing heels don’t only make you look taller, it makes you look slimmer as well. Appearing to be a few inches taller than your normal height ‘stretches’ your silhouette, giving you a more elongated one thus an overall slimmer look.

sexy strappy heels

bow stiletto heels

  • Sport stripes – wearing stripes is tricky but if you know how to do it right, it will certainly work in your favor. To look slimmer in stripes, choose vertical ones instead of horizontal ones. This works pretty much like wearing heels because the vertical stripes will elongate your silhouette and make it look stretched out and slimmer.

striped top lace skirt

  • Invest in shapewear – if you’re someone who just wants to look perfectly trim and slim all the time, investing in shapewear is something that you should definitely consider doing. Better quality shapewear may cost you more but they’ll last you longer as well and they hold up so much better than cheap ones. Make sure to get the shapewear that you need or one that deals with your problem areas to get the best looking slim silhouette.

black shape wear

  • Wear black – it’s one of the simplest, most common and most popular tricks for looking slimmer. Black is always a good color to wear if you want to look a few pounds lighter. It’s a classy neutral color, too, so you won’t have trouble mixing and matching other pieces and accessories with it.

black outfit with gold accents head to toe black outfit

  • Do monochromatic outfits – monochromatic outfits create a long and steady line from your upper torso down so it makes you look longer as well which, in return, makes you look slimmer. To get the most out of this trick, do a monochromatic look in dark colors like black, navy and deep violet.

monochromatic maroon outfit

  • Go all out on prints – wearing a fully printed piece can really help trick the eye into seeing a slimmer you. Try doing the print on print trend for a fabulous and chic look. All the prints will keep the eyes busy from seeing your body form and the flaws you’re trying to conceal.

graphic print outfit

  • Aim for the perfect fit – clothes that are too loose tend to make you look bigger while clothes that are too tight will create bulges in places where you don’t want them, making it look like you’re too big for the clothes you’re trying to wear. If you want to look slimmer, make sure your clothes and underwear fit you properly at all times. Get measured by a pro and have alterations done on some pieces when needed.

adorable summer outfit perfect skinny jeans fit


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