How to Look Rich and Classy Without Spending a Lot of Money

While a lot of women run out and spend a lot of money just to look rich and classy, you can still learn to class-up your look a little no matter how much money you have. Learn to dress classy and sophisticated and look better than almost everyone. Remember, even a woman got more money for her fashion essentials but doesn’t know how to pick the right ones that’ll flatter her, it would be all nonsense. So, keep on reading to learn how to spend fewer dollars or revamp your closet to make you look rich and classy.

silk dress with printed blazer

Great tailoring of clothes is the most obvious sign of wealth so buy clothes that fit your body well. Remember that style is nothing without a great fit. Clothes need to fit your form and flatter your figure, whether you’re talking about casual or formal wear. So don’t splurge on specific brands, fabric, or a particular style especially it if it doesn’t fit your body perfectly. Though you can spend some dollars on a few designer items, wear them with a variety of cheaper clothes to make different outfits look classy.

all black outfit with statement shoes blue dress with transluscent heels feminine dress with chic hat and fur scarf metallic gold shorts with navy blazer

Reach for a great pair of shoes that last. Be sure that they are simple in style and have a good sole and heel lifts. As when you complement your outfit with the shoes, people will notice. Classy women look classy because they don’t overdo their accessories. Wearing an eye-catching dress with a ring on every finger, hat, watch, bracelet, a belt, a scarf around the neck and statement shoes together is overkill since nobody knows what to look at first. So, make accessories work for you by keeping it simple and complementing to your overall appearance. Whether they are handbags, shoes, sunglasses, scarves, necklaces, or belts, just add one or two statement pieces that will have you feeling great and getting compliments along the way.

all white outfit with brown belt and bag black blazer with white dress black cut out dress with mules classic white outfit with structured bag

Stick to neutrals or classic colors that give off a chic and sophisticated feel. Keep classic staples in your wardrobe that are truly timeless and will last the test of time and fashion trends. These include dress pants, black skirts, pencil skirts, cardigans, trench coats, blazers, and such. Also, make sure your clothes are always well-pressed and clean before wearing them.

leopard print coat with all black outfit leopard print pants with classic blazer zebra print coat with jeans snake print bag with sequined outfit

Take advantage of animal prints like leopard, snake, and even zebra to give some class to your looks. These animal prints give off some sophisticated feel whether you’re just wearing a monochrome or a simple outfit. Stick to classic colors of these prints as flashy colors won’t look rich and classy. For instance, if you’re opting for a leopard print, keep it in the shades of brown and black rather than purples or blues that are now the variations of this print. Zebra print must be in the color of white and black stripes.

classic coat with suede boots classic print coat with casual chic outfit graphic print pants stripes top with white jeans

If you’re not a fan of animal prints, you may go for classic ones like tartan, checks, stripes and such. Skip those abstract, funky, and quirky prints that will just take the sophistication away from you. You may wish to skip ripped, acid-washed, and distressed jeans as they look too casual and not classy.

faux fur coat with neutral outfit fur coat with green shoes leather top with striped pants leather trousers and fur scarf leather trousers with nude top mustard colored coat with black outfit

Fabrics should be all-natural, whenever possible. Though cotton, cashmere, silk, linen, and wool are excellent choices, you may reach for faux fur or faux leather to add some texture and edge to your looks. Be sure to blend them with other natural fibers to avoid looking overdone and trying hard.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to look rich and classy. It’s all in the great fit, styling, and confidence. Just follow these fashion tricks and you’ll surely get your rich and classy looks no time.


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