How to Look Gorgeous in Gingham

Gingham is a timeless design, favored by fashion icons such as Jackie O. Although the former first lady has come and gone, her devotion for Gingham has helped revolutionize this what-others-might-call-tacky print. Now, it is a mainstay in the runways, such as that of Carven and Derek Lam.

gingham blazer

If you are afraid of stepping out in Gingham, you don’t have to be anymore. These fashionista-proven tips can help you parade in Gingham – without looking like a walking restaurant mantel.

Don it with Denim

You can never go wrong with denim – especially if it is paired with gingham. While a blue gingham print is safe to go with jeans, know that any color can look good with your denims. Whether you are rooting for shorts, pants or a skirt – all you just need to do is pair it with will gingham.

gingham and denim gingham with denim

Simple is Stylish

Simple is stylish, without a doubt. The same excerpt applies for gingham, most importantly. If you want an elegant look that you can take even to the office, go with a simple pairing. A plain top and accessories will do.

gingham pants vibrant gingham

Pair it with Prints

Simple tops and bottoms look well with gingham, but if you want to go out of the fashion box, then pair it with other prints. Don’t go beyond two designs – lest you want to become a confusing abstract painting.

gingham on print

Add Color to Your Life

Blue and black gingham prints are good, but they are traditional and tedious. Put some kick to your simple outfit by going with a vibrantly-colored gingham piece. You can wear this with simple jeans or trousers for an effortless daytime look.

bright gingham top

Another option is to wear your traditional gingham clothes with colorful pieces. Red pants? Why not!

gingham match

Go Graphic

Wearing a gingham skirt with a graphic top is one of the greatest ways to add balance to the outfit. This is especially good if you find plain tees too boring for your personality.

gingham skirt

Gingham is great to wear, as long as you know how to style it well. Put your doubts to the wayside by minding this fashion advice on how to wear gingham.

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