How to Look Fashionably Disheveled 

Not so long ago, good fashion was equated with suave and polished looks. But with the emergence of unkempt, fresh-from-bed looks, a new style has surfaced: the fashionably disheveled look. Sashay like a trendy hobo with these tips on how to look impeccably and fashionably disheveled.

Match it Up

Sweater on sweater or denim on denim, whatever you pick does not matter. If you want to achieve a fashionably disheveled look, all you got to do is pair the similar things in style. While this can make you look matchy-matchy, you can break the monotony by throwing a coat or a vibrant accessory to the mix.

checkered outfit

taylor swift matching outfit

Mix Different Hues of One Shade

As with the ‘match it up’ tip of this article, mixing different hues of one shade is a great way to look fashionably disheveled. To pull off this look, what you need to do is gather all your clothes, shoes, and accessories that seemingly belong to one color palette. Check which looks good well with which, and assemble the look. For best results, combine different textures and silhouettes for a fashionably disheveled moment that’s worth some snapshots.

brown monochromatic outfit pink monochromatic outfit red outfit

It’s a Balancing Act

Balance is an integral part of fashion, even in fashionably disheveled looks. A fresh out of bed look often comes with oversized tops, so it is but essential that you pair such with a slim or snug-fitting bottom. Avoid pairing these roomy pieces with sizeable bottoms, lest you want to look like you are the female version of MC Hammer from the 70’s.

oversized cardigan oversized sweater

Wear Longer Skirts

Yes, showing some leg can make you look taller and prettier. But if you are aiming for a fashionably disheveled look, then go for longer skirts. According to experts, the best shoes to wear with these skirts are edgy boots. Contrary to popular beliefs that a long skirt and boot combo can make you look stumpy, styling these pieces the right way can actually make you look leaner and longer.

grey skirt and brown boots checkered skirt and boots salmon skirt and ankle boots

Opposites Attract

Maybe you have heard some people say that this not goes well with that. However, if you are after a fashionably disheveled look, then you must defy these beliefs. Make people believe like you woke up looking like that by matching two opposite fashion poles. It’s all about finding the chic harmony between soft and hard style elements. Take the sweater and denim jacket combo below. It’s something you wouldn’t wear together everyday, but with each other they look like a match made in disheveled heaven.

sweater and denim jacket multiple layered outfit

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