How to Look Cool and Fashionable

It is every woman’s dream to master the ways on how to look cool and fashionable. Get the street chic vibe you have always wanted with these pieces that can upgrade your look ASAP.

Plain White Shirt

Most of the time, being simple is the best way how to look cool and fashionable. With that being said, nothing comes close to the effortless simplicity of the plain white shirt. This timeless classic looks perfect with jeans, skirt, shorts, and other bottoms you can think off. For the ultimate cool look, wear it with other pieces that I’m going to mention below.

white shirt and jeans

white shirt and pencil skirt

Crop Top

Spring is one of the few times of the year when you can show some skin. Maximize the generally warmer temperatures by showing some skin with a crop top. This is one of the skimpiest tops to consider for this season. However, if you want to know how to look cool and fashionable, you will go ahead with this adventurous topper.
black crop top outfitblack crop top

Slouchy Sweater

For some reason, wearing the slouchy sweater is one of the easiest means how to look cool and fashionable. There’s something about this loose, non-restrictive piece of clothing that makes you look stylish, no matter what bottoms you pair it with.

gray slouchy sweaterbrown slouchy sweater


Oversized blazers, loose shirts, and boyfriend jeans – these are just some menswear pieces that you need in order to master the “how to look cool and fashionable” style. Because they are voluminous, make sure to pair these with sexy or snug-fitting pieces.

menswear outfit menswear blazer

Waist-Tied Topper

Denim jackets, long-sleeved sweaters, and other toppers are meant to be worn around the arms. However, wearing it around your waist is a sure-fire way how to look cool and fashionable. In fact, it can make your cheap thrift-shop finds look $1000 richer.

waist-tied jacketwaist-tied denim jacket

High-Slit Skirt

As it has been said, spring is the time to show some skin. If you have qualms about showing your tummy, then showcase your legs instead in a high-slit skirt. This is one of the best bottoms to wear if you wish to master how to look cool and fashionable. After all, it makes you look sophisticated from the front, and sexy from the sides (or the back, depending on where the slit is placed.)

white high-slit skirt printed high-slit skirt

Stacked Bracelets

They say one is enough, and two is too much. But this is not the case if you want to know how to look cool and fashionable. When it comes to accessorizing, more is indeed merrier. Add spice to your plain outfits by wearing a mix of steel bracelets and friendship bracelets.

gold bracelet stack bracelet stack

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