How to Look Chic in Ripped Jeans

Ripped and distressed jeans are one the comfiest and stylish casual wear but not exactly the best pieces to go for if you’re aiming for a chic and polished look. Though these jeans are not going to be office-worthy outfits, they’re still perfect for a chic street style look. Keep on scrolling to get some fashion tricks to look chic in ripped jeans.

basic tee with leather jacket and denim jeans

button down shirt with ripped jeans chunky sweater with ripped jeans cute sweater with ripped jeans

If the distressed denim jeans style is a little daunting for you, start with something basic and casual. You may sport distressed denim jeans with just a few rips and tears in more subtle washes to avoid looking to grunge or rocker. Instead of faded styles and acid-washed, go for a plain one whether it’s black, light blue, white, or navy. Basic tee, tank top, sweater, button down shirt, and such are great instant model off duty look that’s very simple and easy look to pull off yet, it’s one of the chicest too.

off shoulder top with ripped jeans and white heels classic shirt with white jeans

If you’re wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans with rips and tears, don’t wear any more slouchy pieces to keep an outfit looking chic and not sloppy. Keep your outfit polished by opting for a form fitting top or ones with structured silhouettes to make your ripped jeans look more intentional instead of looking like you had to wear it because there was nothing else in your closet. Skip those tops with distressed styles like acid-washed denim jackets or denim vest with rips. When going for a denim on denim look, better opt for a chambray shirt with neat and lightweight fabric to keep your style chic.

baggy jeans with suit casual chic outfit lace blouse with ripped jeans ripped jeans with floral blouse ripped jeans with feminine blouse peplum top with ripped jeans

If you’d like to add an edge of femininity to your style, pair your distressed jeans with dressy and feminine tops. The dressier is the better as it may dress up your ripped jeans into a chic and feminine outfit. Tops such as silk blouses with flower prints, knit off-shoulders, lace blouses, printed button-down shirts, and classic V-neck blouses add some ladylike touches to your edgy look and would definitely make ripped jeans look a whole lot classier. Just polish your street looks with chic footwear such as boots, heels, strappy sandals, and even classic pumps.

gingham coat with ripped jeans military jacket with casual outfit ripped jeans with white coat structured blazer with lace top and ripped jeans structured blazer with ripped jeans

Wearing a blazer, trench coat, leather jacket, and knitted cardigan on top of any outfit always gives your ripped jeans a polished look. We all know how lavish leather always looks, so if you’re looking for a way to look well put together in ripped jeans, at the same time cool and edgy, simply wear it with a leather vest or jacket. This way, you’re keeping your ripped jeans chic and stylish with an edge.

ripped jeans with two tone fur coat fur coat with ripped jeans camel coat with distressed jeans brown fur coat with skinny jeans

If you want to spice up your style with glamorous feel, then wear silhouettes like fur, wool, cashmere, velvet, and even silk ensembles. A fluffy fur coat dresses up your ripped jeans in an instant and making them look chic but still keeping its casual feel. You may polish your casual chic looks with statement shoes, classic pumps, stilettos, ankle boots and such.

As you have seen, ripped jeans can still look chic with a great styling. Always stick to the looks you’re aiming for and pick the ensembles that will give you a great sense of style. In no time, you’ll be the most stylish woman dominating the streets with your casual chic street looks.



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