How to Look Chic in Hobo Bags

It is fun to make a statement with a statement bag, but with so many choices available, it can be difficult to determine which bag suits your personal taste and wardrobe. Characterized by a crescent shape and a slouchy structure, hobo bags are perfect handbag for the laid-back and chic style. Keep on reading for looking chic in wearing hobo bags.

cream coat with hobo bag

hobo bag with black maxidress hobo bag with brown outfit

For a great accessory that complements your outfit, go for a hobo bag that has the same shade of your outfit. For instance, if you’re planning to wear a black maxi dress, opt for a black hobo bag, or a brown hobo bag for earthy tone outfit. Monochrome outfit looks chic and more sophisticated than color-blocked or print-mixed ones. Also, it slims you down as a wearing head-to-toe monochrome create a vertical image that makes you look taller than you are. If want to carry a hobo handbag when you’re out traveling or just need a bag that you can stuff your whole life in then look for extra pockets and compartments on the bag. For an office outfit, a hobo bag would appear sloppy and too much like a “weekend” bag. However, a refined-looking hobo in a neutral shade could work for a more laid-back office environment.

flared jeans and blazer with hobo bag denim skirt and knitted top with hobo bag houndstooth coats with hobo bag casual chic outfit with hobo bag denim shorts and striped top with hobo bag

A hobo bag goes great with relaxed jeans, as well as distressed shorts, and frayed skirts. When wearing denim for your casual looks, always wear something sophisticated on your tops such as a feminine blouse, lace top, off-shoulder top, pussy-bow blouse, button-down shirts, classic sweater, structure blazer and cardigan to keep your overall outfit chic. Many hobo bags fold in on themselves at the middle, sometimes giving the appearance of a fortune cookie or a lunch bag. When you’re planning to wear this kind of bags on your daily casual wear, go for ones that appear to be a cross between a traditional handbag and a hobo bag for a more versatile and stylish accessory. Hobo bags may feature embroidery, chains, fringe, patchwork, rosettes, outside pockets, and other decorative accents that can make the bag more stylish. The style is a matter of taste, so go for hobo bags that suit your lifestyle and fashion taste.

hobo bag with fur coat lavender and tweed outfit with hobo bag

You may wear your hobo bags with your eye-catching outfits to make them look chic. Tweed dresses, cashmere coats, metallic pants, sequin skirts, fur coats and such look great with hobo bags to balance the sophistication with a laid-back vibe. When wearing these pieces, better opt for a neutral colored hobo bag in the shades of black, brown, gray, and white to avoid competing with your statement outfit.

edgy outfit with hobo bag leather skirt and button down shirt with hobo bag

Add some edgy feel to your style with a leather jacket, leather skirt, leather trousers, leather boots, leather dress and even leather tops. Leather with leather is an edgy and tough statement, so if you want to channel that tough girl vibe, go for a leather hobo bag with any of these leather ensembles. Leather provides a great texture especially when you’re sporting a head-to-toe monochrome outfit. Black and other classic shades are always chic that you may want to go for.

sporty chic outfit with hobo bag chic streetwear with hobo bag chic outfit with nude shoes and hobo bag chic outfit with hobo bag chic coat with hobo bag

For an effortless style, opt for chic pieces on your overall looks. Go for dress pants instead of white jeans and structured blazer instead of a leather jacket. If you want to wear your hobo bags for formal occasions then opt for a smaller bag that is more structured, neutral and solid colored, reminding you of a classic tote bag. Also, classic pumps are dressier than ballet flats and strappy sandals. This way, you make your hobo bag complement your theme. Looking chic in your style depends on how you style your looks. So, flaunt your signature style on the streets with hobo bags.


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