How to Look Chic in Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are very edgy and masculine that can take away your feminine vibe. The secret to looking chic in a biker jacket lies on your creative styling and fashion sense. Looking for style guideline on how to make a statement with these edgy jackets in a feminine way? Keep on reading to scoop some fashion tricks.

leather jacket with vintage dress

leather jacket with black dress lace dress with jacket cobalt blue leather jacket with casual outfit red jacket with leather trousers velvet jacket with black dress

To virtually complement your chic outfit, you need to know what to look for when buying this article of clothing as these biker jackets are designed with quality, comfort, and style. When it comes to fabric options, leather is more popular as it offers durability, breathability, comfort, and warmth that also looks stylish. But suede, velvet, and tweed are now widely available. Since a biker jacket is designed to sit snug against the body, get the right fit for you and pick those jackets that sit short on your waist, with a tight, yet comfortable fit across your chest, shoulders, and down the arms.

black dress with leather jacket and pumps cropped jacket with maxi dress leather jacket with animal print dress peach dress with leather jacket pink lace dress with chic jacket

When picking an outfit to pair with a biker jacket, keep in mind that the ensemble is not designed to be worn over lots of thick layers. So, wear it with a lightweight dress and skip those knitted and thick fabrics. Your feminine dresses in diaphanous fabrics and flowy silhouette with an edgy biker jacket create a chic and feminine look with a bit of edge. You can still go for your favorite stilettos, but if you want an edgier look, pair your outfit with boots instead.

cropped jacket with full skirt leather jacket with floral skirt leather jacket with pleated skirt leather jacket with tartan full skirt yellow skirt with leather jacket

For choosing skirts to wear with your biker jacket, you may go for a maxi with light colors, neutral colored skirts with high slits, circle skirts with floral prints, or even miniskirts in bright colors to create a great contrast with the toughness of a biker jacket and achieve a softer, more feminine look. Whether it comes in the form of accessories or other clothing ensembles, a biker jacket would always look great with something fun and bright since most of them come in dark colors like black and brown or in denim. Because biker jackets are often made from tough and sturdy fabric like leather, they can be a great ensemble to pair with a patent leather skirt or a feminine chiffon skirt to create the vibe you’re aiming for.

black jumpsuit with leather jacketchevron-jumpsuit-with-leather-jacket

Dressy jumpsuits can be a great match with biker jackets too. Feel free to sport ones with classic prints, feminine colors, unique style, and even modern ones to channel that laid-back, feminine, and chic vibe without looking overdone. Go for heeled sandals, ballet flats, wedges, boots, and even classic pumps to make your overall look more chic and feminine.

suede jacket with casual outfit red leather jacket with tartan pants red jacket with fur hat and jeans leather jacket with monochrome outfit black dress with leather jacket

Though denim jeans scream casual, they can still look chic with biker jackets as long as you opt for plain versions without rips, black or white wash, or even pastel colored ones. If you may, go for a lace top or any feminine blouse to pair with your jeans and biker jacket. You may also trade these denim pants with a pair of dress pants, printed trousers, leather pants, and even culottes to make it look chic and feminine.

Biker jackets are indeed a must-have for women’s wardrobe and a great way to channel your chic and feminine vibe with edge.




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