How to Layer Like a Pro with Blair Eadie

Creative layers we can see from our favorite street style stars are truly an art form. Not only every winter, but also on colder days come the challenge of carefully constructing an outfit that will keep you cozy and stylish, too. The mind behind Altantic Pacific, Blair Eadie is a San Francisco-based style blogger known for her feminine, trendy, and layered looks reflecting her creative skills through the clothes she’s wearing. Looking for inspirations on how to layer like a pro? Keep on reading to scoop some stylish tricks from Blair.

striped sweater with military shirt and denim shorts

sweater with black dress and striped coat sweater with chambray top sweater with military jacket and skinny pants sweater with pink dress

Since layering can be a bit daunting, you may start with your sweater, even a striped one, like Blair Eadie did. The art of layering requires the lightweight and fitted layer beneath your chunky and heavy ones. For lightweight, you may think of a sleeveless solid colored dress to wear on top of your striped sweater like Blair did that looks chic at the same time cozy. For a casual cool style, you may wear your striped sweater with your denim shorts and add a military shirt and a lightweight blazer that looks so effortless and creative.

button down shirt and sweater with blazer and jeans button down shirt with chambray jacket and militart jacket button down shirt with lace dress and coat button down shirt with off shoulder dress button down shirt with sweater and abstract print skirt

Button-down shirt is one of the most versatile fashion staple that is often taken for granted. Since your button-down shirt is typically lightweight, it should be your layer beneath your outfit. If you can’t decide on whether your military shirt, chambray shirt, or white button-down shirt to wear on your street style, why not wear them altogether in one outfit like Blair did. Just go for a pair of denim shorts to avoid looking too covered up with jeans. If you think your lace dress is too sheer, why not wear your button-down shirt with the same shade of your dress to give you some cover without distracting the color scheme of your outfit like Blair did.

dress with chic blouse and ballet flats dress with collared top and red coat dress with coat and boots dress with fur vest and coat fur dress with coat

If you think dresses are only great for warmer seasons, you’re wrong as our street style star Blair wore them in the colder months creatively. Apart from coats, you may still think of your button-down shirt to wear with your sexy cut-out dress to make it versatile in the colder months when baring your skin is not an option. You may add some thick vest like a fur, wool, or leather before you top your winter coats in the colder months. If you feel your layers are too bulky, then simply add a belt to define your waist.

checkered top and skirt with checkered coat gingham skirt with puffer jacket and military jacket checkered top with cape polka dots with pink vest printed outfit with camel cape

Incorporating some prints and patterns to your layered outfits can bring some flair even you’re covered in cozy pieces. Like Blair, you may think of wearing a polka dots long sleeved blouse to wear with your button-down shirt and vest, as well as a gingham skirt with your puffer jacket and coat. This way, you’ll draw the eyes away from the unwanted bulky layers letting them focus on your printed piece. For a fashion-forward and trendy style, then go for a print-on-print outfit like Blair did. Just keep the same prints in different shades and the dissimilar prints on the same shade to keep them polished and sleek.

overalls with button down shirt and camel coat off shoulder top and button down shirt with coat creative outfit with geometric sandals creative layered outfit with animal print pumps button down shirt with vest and coat

Layer like a pro by wearing unexpected combinations on your street style. Think of wearing your button-down shirt with your denim overalls and coat, as well as your shirt dress and cropped top with a coat and jeans like Blair did. Just polish your looks with a pair of trendy footwear to keep your style coordinated, intentional, and statement-making.

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