How to Glam Up Your Wardrobe

Having a timeless style can make you look classy and sophisticated. However, it’s just easy to get stuck in a style rut if your closet consists of mostly neutrals and basics. If you’re tired wearing your jeans and tee combination every day, glam up your wardrobe with our easy tricks.

Get a style inspiration.

embroidered pants with blazer

yellow jumpsuit with hat tunic dress with shorts

Getting a style inspiration doesn’t mean being a copycat. You’ll just incorporate the style, looks, and outfits that suit your personal style and make it the foundation of your look. Street style stars, style bloggers, fashion editors, and celebrities are only some of the fashion-forward looks you may be inspired of. Just find out who your style icon is so you can begin emulating her. If you’re looking for classic and sophisticated style, think of fashion blogger Kristina Bazan that may inspire you to take your basic and neutral pieces up a notch. Browsing inspirations from Fashion Weeks around the globe can also be great as the street style photos are creative more than you can imagine.

Keep up with the latest trends.

abstract print jumpsuit with seamless blanket scarf trendy outfit with loafers poncho with sandals

Keeping up with the latest trend doesn’t mean letting them dictate what’s fashionable for you. Instead, team those trendy pieces with your basic pieces to spice them up a bit. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of geometric or abstract-inspired outfit that can spice up your basic cape, coat, or even blanket scarf. Wearing sporty with chic, going for oversized silhouettes, and wearing boxy pieces are some of the latest trends you may incorporate into your existing style.

Get essentials and trendy pieces that can spice up your outfit.

black and white outfit with quilted bag rounded sunglasses with chic outfit printed snakeprint boots with knitdress

When it comes to essential, quality is always worth the extra money as you can wear them for more years to come. So, if you look for the cheapest thing, you’re getting what you pay for. On the contrary, trendy pieces can become obsolete easily so you must be careful investing too much on them. Classic pumps, snake print boots, and knitted dresses are timeless, while quirky print tops and eccentric sunglasses are some of the trends that will soon go away so be careful on what you shop.

Wear confidence and attitude to your street style.

snakeprint lime green pumps with night out outfit rainbow skirt with coat leather trousers with structured blouse

Some of the looks you try might be new for you but if you have the confidence to rock it people will take notice. Just feel free to experiment what looks great on you, and leave those that aren’t. Don’t wear a pair of heels that you can’t walk in, as well as tight-fitting clothes you’re not comfortable in. When you feel uneasy about your outfit, it will eventually show. So, better go for ones that you feel great in so you’ll radiate strong personality and bold confidence to your street looks.

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