How to Glam Up Your Baby Bump a la Mila Kunis

A lot of women say they started to ‘let go’ of themselves during their pregnancy and that’s quite easy to understand, really. I mean, how could you think of dolling yourself up when nothing fits anymore but your sweats, right? Pregnancy is hard enough, after all, without having to think of what fancy things to wear. If you’re someone who has to be out in public every day, though, you’ll want to look a little more well put together despite being pregnant. Nobody likes being an eyesore, right? If you’re pregnant or are planning to be soon and want to know how you can look fab, check out these tips on how to glam up your baby bump a la Mila Kunis.

  • Comfortably chic – one of the things that make it hard for a lot of women to dress up when they’re pregnant is comfort. I’ve been there and I know that when you’re pregnant you’d rather feel comfy than look glam when glam means squeezing yourself into slink, sexy dresses. Thank heavens we have maxi skirts and dresses! Maxis make it possible for pretty preggos to look cute while also feeling comfy. For a quick summer look, choose sleeveless maxi dresses or wear tank tops with your maxi skirts. If you’re gearing up for fall, just top off your maxi dresses with a denim or wear your maxi skirts with sweaters.

maxi and denim jacket

maxi dress in black maxi skirt and double tank top outfit maxi skirt and white tank top maxi skirt with black tank top

  • SoCal Summer  – SoCal is the perfect place to spend summer. You get to really enjoy the summer heat and cool off with an ice cream or two as Mila and Ashton did just last week. SoCal is also the perfect place to really enjoy easy summer dressing when you’re pregnant. Get Mila Kunis’ casual SoCal summer style by donning a tank top and wearing your maternity jeans or shorts and finishing your outfit off with comfy footwear like sneakers, flip flops or flats.

socal chic summer outfit socal striped tank top and jeans socal summer style

  • Sexy and fit – gaining weight is normal when you’re pregnant but that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising and let your late night cravings *cough, pig out sesh, cough* take its course. Keeping fit is just as important when you’re pregnant as it is when you’re not so get in your tank tops and yoga pants and start a gentle workout routine. Or, you know, just wear your workout clothes casually because they’re the most comfortable.

athletic cute outfit athletic preggo outfit athletic pregnant mila kunis athletic and fit mila kunis sexy and sporty pregnant mila

  • Loud and proud – don’t you just love it when celebs flaunt their baby bumps instead of hide and conceal it? That’s exactly what Mila Kunis has been doing and she’s getting lots of love for it! Don’t bother stressing out about not having a top to wear that’s ‘not long enough to cover the bump’ because wearing your bump loud and proud is the best way to go. Just take a look at these adorable pictures of Mila Kunis flaunting her cute baby bump for all the world to see.

palazzo pants and loose top flaunting the bump flaunting the bump at Stagecoach festival


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