How to Give Your Old Clothes a New Look

If you love shopping as much as I do, I’m pretty sure that you have tons of clothes pushed to the back of your closet as well and while donating them may seem like a good idea, I think it’s better if you could simply put them to use again. This way, you’re saving yourself some serious cash. But who likes wearing old clothes when there are newer and trendier ones, right? Well, your old clothes sitting in the back of your closet doesn’t have to ‘remain’ old. Check out these tips and ideas on how to give your old clothes a new look so you can confidently start to use them again.

  • ALTER IF NEEDED – perhaps one of the reasons why you stopped wearing a certain item is because they just don’t fit right anymore. Well, if you miss wearing them just go ahead and make the necessary alterations or have them altered by your tailor so that they fit like a glove again. Some items can get more of the updated look, too, just by getting altered. Take pants, for example. Sure, the standard and conventional style will always be on trend but today we’re seeing more cropped lengths so why not have one or two pairs you no longer use cropped and you’ll have yourself a pair of pants that are stylish and current.

simple fall outfit

stylish office outfit

  • EMBELLISH THEM – whether with sequins or with studs or whatnot is entirely up to you. Embellishing old pieces is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into them. You can embellish the whole piece or just do certain parts like them hem, the sleeves or the shoulders.

embellished cuff bejeweled beanie fuzzy sweater with embellishments

  • DIY THEM INTO SOMETHING NEW – so those pants just aren’t worthy of any closet space anymore – why not make a bag out of them? Even those oversized shirts you used to wear to bed can be used to make crafts like fabric flowers. If you’re not a craftsy girl, get on Pinterest! It’s full of craft ideas that are easy and useful, too.

jewlery from jeans tshirt to plush tshirt repurpose

  • STOP SAVING OUTFITS – the reason why you have nothing new to wear all the time is because when you have something new and cute, you save it for a special occasion. Unless what you have is a ball gown, stop saving them! Put them to good use and rock them like it’s nobody’s business. That’s what good clothes are for, anyway.

easy boho glam sweater with embellished neckline

  • ROTATE SETS – when you’re a busy woman, finding the perfect set for a specific outfit is like hitting gold. However, wearing the same things together over and over again can be boring. Spice things up in your closet and try out new different pairings. You’ll be surprised at how many ‘new’ outfits you’ll come up with.

cute stripes outfit gorgeous blazer and denim pants

  • PLAY WITH TEXTURES – sometimes all that an old piece needs is something to give it new texture. Add little yarn pompoms to that beanie, do a little lace or leather trim to some old pieces, add a lace overlay to that old miniskirt or sew on a leather elbow patch to that old knit sweater. Even adding layers of long and dainty necklaces will give a plain top a new textured look.

lace trim top leather patch on striped knit sweater lace overlay miniskirt outfit cute pompom top

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