How to Get the Hippie Look This Summer with Oksana Orehhova

Though hipsters are known for their looks influenced by independent thinking, counter-culture, art and indie-rock, they’re also great for following the latest trends and fashion. A style blogger from Estonia, Oksana Orehhova is known for her hipster style with a mix of bohemian and grunge looks. If you’re looking for inspiration to add some carefree, wild, and free-spirited vibe to your summer style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Oksana.

Pair your denim items with edgy and carefree pieces.

acid washed denim dress with crochet bralette

mesh top with distressed denim romper distressed denim short with cut out crop top and bomber jacket with baseball cap and wedge sneakers cropped chambray shirt with high waist shorts and mercury sunglasses

Oksana is known for her hippie looks with a mix of grunge and bohemian touches, so start getting the desired look by pairing your denim items with edgy and carefree pieces. Crochet tops and cropped chambray shirts are known for its carefree vibe rooted from the bohemian style while plaid shirts, mesh tops, bomber jackets, and wedge sneakers are the trademarks of grunge fashion. Mixing those two influences will give you an effortlessly hippie look like Oksana did.

Look effortless on bohemian-inspired matching sets.

matching set with platform sandals tribal print matching set with gypsy headband and mercury sunglasses tribal print matching set with cowboy hat tribal print kimono with bohemian crop top and shorts

Like Oksana, opt for tribal prints, Ikat prints, or even gypsy patterns on your matching sets to evoke a carefree look this summer. Though music festivals are perfect for donning those festive pieces, the summer season is also the perfect moment to look effortless, carefree, and wild on your street looks. Opt for off-shoulder tops, peasant blouses, tube tops, kimonos and such to be worn with shorts to keep your looks hippie-inspired at the same time season-appropriate.

Opt for grunge colors to channel your hippie vibe.

cropped gray tee with cut off shorts and grunge boots novelty print heart blouse with burgundy skirt burgundy jeans with black lace up blouse fitted black top with cut off shorts and mercury sunglasses

Though summer is known for fruity and juicy colors, channeling your hippie look require some dark and grunge shades such as black, gray, burgundy, and white. Like Oksana, think of a pair of high-waist shorts preferably bleached and ragged, to team with your fitted tops and combat boots. Plaid tops, flannel shirts, lace-up blouses, and graphic t-shirts are also great to add some grunge feel to your hippie looks.

Resort to leather ensembles in summer-friendly cuts and styles.

leather skirt with cut out blouse and slip on sneakers with studded bag fringed leather skirt with jacket and striped tee leather shorts with mesh top and grunge sunglasses crop top with black leather skirt and jacket

Leather ensembles may be the known essentials in the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them in the summer. The key is to opt for shorter hemlines on your skirts and trading your trousers to a pair of shorts to keep you edgy yet breezy at the same time. Like Oksana, you may think of teaming your leather skirt with a cut-out chiffon blouse or a crop top to keep your looks season-appropriate. Or, add some carefree vibe to your hippie style by resorting to fringed leather skirts and a pair of edgy boots that will do the tricks for you.

Incorporate some grunge accessories to your hippie looks.

gold chain necklace and baseball cap with graphic print novelty dress gypsy outfit with floral headband fishnet tights with spiked ballet flats and retro floral top spiked socks with slip on sneakers and neoprene dress

Like Oksana, you may think of an edgy baseball cap, spiked socks, fishnet tights, spiked ballet flats, wedge sneakers, mercury sunglasses, fedora hats, combat boots, or even some bohemian-inspired accessories like a gypsy headband or floral band. You could wear a scarf in your hair that will go perfectly with edgy outfits in rustic patterns. Indeed, a hippie looks is a great style to experiment with this summer to channel your edgy and carefree vibe this hot season.

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