How to Get the Geeky Girl Fashion Style

The geeky girl fashion style is one of the hottest trends of today. Now, people are embracing the looks of the people who are tagged as ‘nerds.’ If you want to achieve these bookish looks, then make sure to follow these tips on how to get the geeky girl fashion style.

Be Unexpected

The geeky girl fashion style is a breath of fresh air. So in order to get this look, you need to create a style that’s unexpected. Mix big and bold colors with unique accessories and what not. Use patches and brooches, even the knit cardigan that your granny has made for you. Remember, the nerdy style is all about achieving the out-of-the-box style that you feel very comfortable in.

unique outfit

unique attire

It’s Spectacular

Whether you have astigmatism or not, the easiest way to channel the geeky girl fashion style is to wear a pair of specs. It can be black-rimmed glasses, or a steel circular one ala Harry Potter. Wear this with whatever type of outfit and you’ll surely achieve the ‘smart bookworm’ look right away.

specs eyeglasses

Pop Your Collar

Layering is one of the basic tenets of the geeky girl fashion style. Although it’s a hot, hot summer, you can achieve this style in the office where the A/C seems to be turned up forever. It’s as easy as wearing a collared top underneath a sweater, vest, or dress, and letting the color pop out. In fact, it’s a fuss-free way to style your outfit in a whole different light.

pop collar outfit popped collar outfit

Buy a Boyfriend Blazer

Oversized clothes are some of the vital facets of a geeky girl fashion style. With that being said, a boyfriend blazer is one of the things you need to have if you want to channel the hot nerdy look. Apart from helping you achieve a unique style, a boyfriend blazer can give you the dire warmth that you need for the cold days in the office.

boyfriend blazer blazer outfit

Socks and Shoes

Socks and shoes used to be a thing of middle school. At present, however, these have been deemed key elements in channeling the geeky girl fashion style. Wear this combo with clothes that show your legs, such as a dress or top-and-skirt pairing. It can also be worn with cropped trousers if you’re a pants person. Not only will it give you the stylish nerdy look, your socks and shoes can keep your feet warm wherever you might be.

socks and shoes socks with shoes

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