How to Get the California Girl Look

As Katy Perry says, “California girls, we’re unforgettable.” Not only are these ladies one of a kind, they exude a certain kind of fashion sense as well. If you want to get this unique style, then make sure to follow these fashion tips on how to get the California Girl look.

Slouchy Top

If you browse through the styles of LA girls, you will see that they are fond of loose, slouchy tops. And why not? They permit ventilation, especially during the scorching Cali heat. So whenever you want to channel the California girl look without exerting too much effort, remember that you can do so easily with a slouchy top.

Although it’s hot nowadays, know that layering is permitted, but of course. Be it a cropped denim vest or a floral kimono, know that you can create so many styles with a Cali-friendly slouchy top.

cali girl top

striped slouchy top

Distressed Jeans

Although it is very sunny outside, the California girl look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of distressed jeans. This is one of the most versatile items in the market as it looks chic with a plain tee or an embellished top. Since summer can be so hot, make sure to choose styles made of cotton and other lightweight fabrics.

gigi hadid distressed jeans distressed jeans

Statement Accessories

The California girl look is all about making a statement. Of course, the best way you can do so is through statement accessories. Since this destination style often comprises of simple outfits, statement accessories help bring the look to another level. Edgy earrings or fringe necklaces – any of these will surely add some pizzazz to your California girl look.

cali girl accessories cali girl pearl necklace

Carryall Bag

The California girl look is not only about style, it’s about practicality as well! So if you want a fab yet functional style, then go for a carryall bag. Because of its immense size, it comes as no wonder why it’s a top choice amongst California girls. After all, when you need many beauty arsenals, they need to be perfectly confined in a pretty yet spacious carryall bag.

black carryall bag printed carryall

Chunky Heels

While flip flops are essential to summer style, chunky heels prove to be more fashionable alternatives. That’s because they can make you look elegant compared to the usual sandals and what not. What’s great about chunky heels is that they can elongate your legs as well. So if you want to boost your height while achieving the California girl look, then chunky heels are the way to go.

black chunky heels chunky heels outfit

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