How to Get the 90s Girl Band Fashion Style

Because of the sibling group Haim and similar movements, including Warpaint, Stonefield and Pins, cool girl bands – as well as their carefree fashions – are back again. If you want to channel their cool, laidback styles, then make sure to get your hands on these 90s girl band fashion essentials.

Oversized Band Tees

Nothing screams 90s girl band fashion more than oversized band tees. This item is very easy to acquire, as all you need to do is head to a Goodwill store near you. Not only will you get the perfect style, you won’t have to spend much for that item as well.

oversized metallica top

oversized band top

Crop Tops

Apart from oversized band tees, crop tops are essential for 90s girl band fashion. They look great with denim cutoffs, which we’ll talk about later on.

black crop top gray crop top

Biker Jackets

A true fashion companion, a biker jacket is a solid addition for anyone dedicated to 90s girl band fashion. Not only is it stylish, it can keep you nippy in the colder months as well.

black leather jacket black biker jacket

Super Feminine Dresses

While 90s girl band fashion emits a masculine vibe, this style is embodied by girly items as well. A good example is a super feminine dress with a Peter Pan collar to boot. Achieve the girl band look by matching these flirty attires with punk-grunge boots.

black flirty dress white lace dress

Denim Cutoffs

90s girl band fashion is all about laidback chic. Of course, the best way to get this look is to rock a pair of super-short denim cutoffs. While they are perfect for summer, you can strut these in spring and fall simply by wearing tights or leggings underneath.

denim cutoffs denim cutoffs and tights

Unique Sunglasses

Complete your 90s girl band fashion look by shielding your eyes with unique sunnies. Choose ones with peculiar shapes and shades for a rock-meets-boheme look.

orange rim sunglasses round sunglasses

Black Chelsea Boots

90s girl band fashion is not about pointy toes and stiletto heels. It’s all about comfort, that’s why you need to have black Chelsea boots in your closet!

cute chelsea boots black chelsea boots

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