How to Get Styled Like a Pro without Spending a Dime

As a woman with a passion for fashion, I’m pretty sure you’ve once found yourself spending more than what you had originally planned for a certain look. It could be an outfit for your big date or a job interview or maybe even just for a simple vacay with your family or your friends. Now, I have nothing against spending your hard earned money on things like clothes and accessories, especially if that makes you feel good, I think that nobody should be spending a lot just for clothes. Looking great has nothing to do with who or what you’re wearing but rather with how you’re wearing it. They say style can’t be bought and that’s true. Here are some tips on how to get styled like a pro without spending a dime.

  • ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES – that shirt can sure make you look posh and all but if you mean to wear it for a street style look, you might find that it’s a little too stiff. Instead of buying a new one, simply roll up your sleeves to give your once-too-stiff shirt a more laidback and nonchalant look.

rolled up shirt and blazer sleeves

rolled up sleeves outfit rolled up sleeves white shirt rolled up sweater sleeves

  • CUFF UP YOUR JEANS BY THE HEM – jeans already have a casual look and feel to them but if you want to take that up a notch and really give it a street style look, try cuffing up your jeans’ hem. Make sure to stop at the thinnest part of your legs, just right above the ankle to keep your legs from looking short and stubby. This is a great styling tip for when you want to showcase your gorgeous shoes but don’t want to wear anything short like a skirt or a pair of shorts.

cuff thick jeans cuffed jeans outfit cuffed jeans posh look cuffed jeans street style

  • DRAPE A JACKET OVER YOUR SHOULDER – this is a well-loved styling trick by many celebrities and fashionistas. Draping a jacket over your shoulder instead of actually completely wearing them gives your look a very sophisticated and dressy vibe. It’s a surefire way to make your whole outfit look more expensive than it actually is without you spending a dime.

draped black jacket draped blush jacket outfit draped denim jacket draped leather jacket

  • DO THE COOL GIRL KNOT – old button downs starting to look and feel boring to you? Give them a new look by simply knotting them together and getting that semi-retro vibe. Do this when wearing your button downs over dresses or with high waisted bottoms for a creative and playful touch. Whether you want the knot sticking out or tucked in is totally up to you. Either way, it’s a great look.

knotted button down shirt knotted denim shirt knotted shirt and blazer knotted white shirt

  • TRY THE PARTIAL TUCK – tucking your top in fully makes you look either like a stuck-up old lady or a pre-schooler. Instead of inserting everything in, do a partial tuck and leave the rest hanging out. This will give your look that slouchy-ish look that’s super cool and on trend right now. It also makes your outfit seem more laidback.

partial half tucked shirt partial tuck brown shirt partial tuck plaid shirt partial tuck printed top

  • BELT YOUR OUTERWEAR – worried about your coat fully enveloping you and overwhelming your figure? Instead of just throwing it on top of your outfit, wear a belt around it. This will keep your coat in place and will give your outfit more shape. This is a great styling trick to use when you’re wearing an oversized outerwear.

belted bulky outerwear belted coat belted scard and coat belted thick jacket

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