How to Get Runway-Inspired Looks with Jenny Wu

Mind behind the Good, Bad, and Fab blog, Jenny Wu is an LA-based style blogger known for her runway-inspired street looks featuring blends of cutting-edge pieces and timeless classics. Though she was born in Shanghai and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, her effortless street style reflects LA’s vibrant and colorful subcultures and neighborhoods. If you’re looking for ways on how to make runway looks wearable in real life, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Start with clean lines and streamlined silhouettes.

backless slip dress with wedges

turtleneck dress with metallic silver sandals red mermaid dress pastel blue top with breezy pants draped black dress with ankle strap sandals burgundy maxi dress with metallic gold clutch

Runway looks may be known for an avant-garde, futuristic, and even non-wearable style, but there are designers with a minimalist aesthetic that features clean lines and streamlined silhouettes. To start wearing the runway-inspired look on your street style, better opt for simple yet elegant structures. Like Jenny, you may opt for a backless slip dress in silk fabric since it can now be worn outdoors. A black dress with gathers or drapes at the waist can also look runway-inspired as long as you keep it simple with your accessories and you let the silhouette make the statement itself.

Opt for catchy or avant-garde accessories to dress up your outfit.

baroque inspired clutch with white dress statement necklace with pastel slit dress pastel outfit with fringed bag cute sunglasses and scarf with lace dress colorful strappy sandals with chic dress and jacket

Think of oversized watches, structured bags, fringed clutches, colorful sandals, bib necklaces and even cute sunglasses that can spice up your basic outfits. Like Jenny, you may simply opt for a metallic gold clutch with baroque-inspired trims to spice up your all white outfit, or a statement necklace that will add some flair to your pastel dress.

Select runway-inspired prints and patterns.

baroque print dress with satchel bag tibi print maxi dress floral print matching set brightly printed tank woth skirt and yellow bag brightly colored jacket with black outfit

Baroque inspired prints, abstract patterns, graphic silhouettes, catchy prints, and even floral prints can make your street style runway-inspired. Like Jenny, opt for a unique yet wearable print that you can wear without looking like coming out from a designer show. A floral print matching set in bright colors or a Tibi print maxi dress can be great for a runway yet wearable look.

Break some fashion rules.

dress with fur jacket and socks with clogs socks with sandals and quirky outfit printed socks with shoes and preppy outfit printed skirt with studded jacket jacket with printed dress and embellished shoes

Breaking fashion rules are common in the runway shows. Like Jenny, think of going for an expected color combination on your outfit just like a green top teamed with a blue skirt. Just complete your statement by wearing socks with sandals and you’re good to go. Also, teaming prints with prints, mixing sporty with chic, and wearing bright colors can make your street style runway-inspired and intentional.

Go for an architectural and coordinated look.

side paneled dress with chic bomber jacket floral print wrap dress architectural outfit with gray briefcase and slip on sandals architectural dress with graphic print clutch

Architectural structures are known in the designer shows. But, only opt for wearable ones that you won’t look alienated or too futuristic in your street looks. Like Jenny, going for a boxy top and structured skirt paired with a briefcase bag and peep toe sandals can be enough for a runway-inspired look while keeping it appropriate for the workplace. Also, tulip skirts, wrap dresses, side-paneled outfits and such can be great to create an architectural and coordinated look. Indeed, runway style is one of the most inspiring styles to copy for a fashion-forward and statement-making looks on the streets.

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