How to Get Modern Takes on Old Fashion Classics

What makes something a “classic” isn’t simply a one-dimensional design as it is most often a piece that goes well with countless different styles. Remember, classics styles stand the test of time and find their way into the limelight over and again because they’re so versatile and timeless. If you have some classics in your closet that you find outdated and boring, keep on reading for our tricks and get modern takes on old fashion classics.

  1. Classic White Shirt



A white shirt is such a classic because it works equally well for shopping, business presentations, and cocktail hours as long as it’s paired with accessories that complement the occasion. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, a white shirt is a classic for everyone. Though famous starlets from the 1930s to the 21st century have been photographed in white shirts with long, formal skirts and in white shirts topping bathing suits or worn alone, you can refresh your classic piece. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may team your white shirt with lace pants or even bold colored skirt that looks classy yet modern.

  1. Tweed Jackets

cuffed-jeans-with-tweed-blazer-and-leopard-print-pumps pink-tweed-blazer-and-shorts graphic-tee-with-leather-joggers-and-tweed-blazer

Women weren’t running around in short, boxy or fitted tweed jackets until Coco Chanel made them both strongly female and uniquely fashionable. 1940s-style tweed coats with fine-tailored details also make up a modern silhouette with full-legged trousers or even straight-leg jeans and mini-skirts. Some ’40s jackets pair really well with flowing skirts in chiffon or silk or with matched wool shorts and oxfords. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of bold colored tweed jackets or simply wear them with trendy tops like a striped sweater and such.

  1. Chevron Stripes

rainbow-print-chevron-skirt-with-white-top chevron-dress-with-creepers chevron-bodysuit-with-tuxedo-blazer

Chevron pattern is a V-shaped, right-side-up or upside-down pattern or design that has been popping up from the runways to the discount stores. Though the Italian design house of Missoni helped popularize chevron fabrics in the 1950s and ’60s, the pattern can still look modern and trendy. Like fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers, you may go for a chevron print skirt in bold primary colors contrasted with white, multi-colored levels, or even pastel tangerines with gray that can be great to make your style a bit modern.

  1. Trench Coats

military-trench-vest-with-urban-boots trench-coat-with-leather-trousers

Though trench coats have been around since about the mid-1800s as practical outerwear, today’s trench coats are still timeless and classic. Some of them prevail in shades of tan, bright colors, and unexpected fabrics with classy details that take it beyond frumpy rain and fog gear. You may go for bold color choices and styles as designers make versions of trench coats in bright green, leather, and traditional plaid-lined tans, perfect for your street looks.

  1. Lace Outfits with Pearls

yellow-crop-top-with-lace-skirt-and-pearl-choker pearl-necklace-with-plaid-shirt-and-tulle-skirt

Pearls do tie together conservative and stately looks for women of a certain age, but as an accessory to a modern wardrobe. Adding a touch of white elegance has been considered classic probably as long as pearls have been cultivated and lace has been threaded together by hand. Strands of pearls and rows of lace are continually refashioned decade after decade. To make your style modern, go for a modern style of pearl accessory over long strands that look classic, especially if you’re going to wear them with lace outfits. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to refresh your classic outfits into modern looks.

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