How to Get Investment Pieces for Less

It pays to invest in your image as it creates powerful professional impressions. However, shopping isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Some women are tricked by great sales and discounts while others resort to fast fashion stores that offer a cheaper price to get those trendy items. Regardless of where and when you shop, keep on reading for the strategies you can use to get the best value.

Vintage and Thrift Stores

eyelet dress with round bag and hat

vintage top with cuffed jeans leopard print skirt with modern off shoulder blouse

Part of what makes vintage items so great is their rarity, while thrift items sometimes need to be cleaned or tailored before wearing, tacking on an added expense. For a smart shopping tip, stick to small shops where you admire the style and focus on items like jewelry and leather goods as they’re the pieces that can last forever. Before buying clothes, inspect the seams as those are areas that are vulnerable to age and can give out the first time you wear it. There are vintage pieces like leopard print items that can look timeless and chic when worn with your existing modern ensembles.

Fast Fashion Stores

casual outfit with cardigan tall boots with yellow coat coat with olive green dress with boots

When shopping in fast fashion stores, remember that the items on that boutique were cheaply made and rapidly produced to bring affordable trends to the masses. None of the fast fashion chains produce investment-worthy pieces as what they sell is largely disposable clothing that will either fall apart or look dated after one season. If you do shop at the bottom of the fast fashion food chain, only buy things you expect to wear for one season, like trendy evening tops or costume jewelry. Or opt for stores that outperform the others from a durability standpoint.

Seasonal Sales

burgundy coat with fall outfit leather jacket with jeans chic winter outfit with tall boots

Know when to buy each type of item to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Seasonal shopping promises deep discounts, but it requires patience and a bit risky since you’re not sure if your item won’t be snatched up before it goes on sale. Knowing when to shop at your local department stores can radically change your spending on shopping clothes, at the same time you’ll beat the crowds and reserve sizes before the masses arrive.

Bargain Shopping

white blazer with ripped jeans ripped jeans with sweater plaid shirt with jeans and fall boots

Before going bargain shopping, remember that it can be tricky and seductive as it clouds our judgment that we’ll be willing to pay a low price for a desirable item. Before going shopping, identify first the brands you like that fit you properly and with high quality items you need. Go there only when you are looking for particular items. Before buying a discounted item, think first if you would still consider buying it at full price. If not, walk away. With our shopping guidelines, you’ll be able to get investment pieces for less.

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