How to Get Away with Wearing Leggings to Work

There’s been many a debate about whether or not it is acceptable to wear leggings as pants and while we believe that, as long as you got good quality leggings, you can definitely wear them as pants, we can’t help but gravitate towards the safer side and just avoid doing so whenever possible. During summer, though, when the weather calls for lighter pieces of clothing, it can be tempting to wear leggings all day, every day – even at the workplace! Here are some tips on how you can get away with wearing leggings to work.

  1. Wear it with a blazer – perhaps the easiest way to pull off a pair of leggings at the workplace is to wear it with some really posh and dressy pieces like a sophisticated blazer and, of course, a pair of heels. This combo never fails to give off that fierce lady boss vibe which is what you’ll want to go for when you’re wearing something so casual to work.blazer and leggings for work
    blazer cape type and leggings
  2. Pair it with something colorful – take the attention away from your casual bottoms by wearing something colorful on top. A nice jacket in a bright, vibrant hue is definitely something that can take away the attention from your leggings, making them easier to pull off. Any other colorful piece that you can pair with your leggings to work works well, too.colorful jacket
  3. Opt for the dressier styles – instead of going for just plain, regular cotton leggings, opt for dressier styles like sleek jeggings or maybe even faux leather leggings. These are sure to elevate your work outfit and give you that edge you won’t get with your usual casual pair.dressy leather leggings dressy leggings and knit top
  4. Wear it with something long – create drama, depth, and definition in your look by wearing your leggings with something long like a maxi vest, a slitted shirt dress, or even a long cardigan. This will give your outfit a unique spin that will make your leggings look less casual.long vest coat and leggings long top and leggings
  5. Accessorize the right way – taking your leggings from casual to corporate chic can be tricky but with the right pieces and, more importantly, with the right accessories, you can achieve the look. Go for pieces that are elegant and unique rather than cheap –looking ones to really get that office-chic vibe going.accessorized look with leggings
  6. Be playful with layers and textures – playing with layers and textures can really help make your look stand out. If you’re wearing regular cotton leggings, try to wear a different fabric for your top like silk or maybe even some lace.texture play texture play classy look




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