How to Dress Your Baby Bump with Cara Loren

When you are pregnant, dressing can be a major challenge as you’ll notice changes to your body as early as five weeks pregnant. Your clothes might fit differently, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo looking stylish. Fashion blogger Cara Loren Van Brocklin is known for her chic and feminine maternity dressing that might inspire you even if you’re five months pregnant. If it feels strange adjusting to your new shape and size, keep on reading to scoop some of her stylish tricks.

Resort to free-flowing tops and dresses that feel comfortable.

embellished maternity dress

white maternity dress with structured bag maternity dress with cardigan loose top with jeans

The first instinct is to head to the oversized shirts and loose pieces when you’re pregnant. But remember that ill-fitting clothes only add bulk to your arms and shoulders. If you’re not a fan of maternity wear, you may still go for skinny leg pants that have a stretchy waistband that you can still wear throughout your pregnancy, but top it off with a free-flowing blouse that you feel more comfortable in. You may think of keeping it simple with block colors and clean, minimal shapes on your dresses, tops, and trousers, especially black that’s known to be more slimming.

Embrace your baby bump with skin-tight clothing.

feminine maternity dress sexy maternity dress pastel pink maternity dress maternity maxi dress maternity lace dress

Remember, a baby bump is one of the most beautiful things so you want to embrace that bump and make it the focus. “It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear skin-tight clothes to show off your stomach or hide it with flowy tops,” stylist Estee Stanley said. “You should stay true to whatever style you usually wear.” Even if you are a girl that has never been into tight pieces, lycra and bodycon work best. Also, crepe knit is great as it hugs tight around your bump but still super comfortable. Also, stretchy dresses in the one color show off your bump in the right way and are perfect to wear once you have a visible bump.

Resort to long line vests, jackets, and coats.

black maternity outfit with kimono printed maternity dress with jacket printed kimono with maternity dress maternity outfit with jacket maternity dress with shirt

Look for necklines that are V style or scooped as anything too high can accentuate your growing chest and makes you look bigger. Also, cardigans or jackets longer in length, which finishes around your shins or just above your ankles work to elongate your body while pregnant. It also helps to hide those growing bumps and bulges on your back though it’ll still show off your bump. These longer pieces are still perfect to wear coming into summer as you can team them with some summer dress, lightweight tops, linen shorts, or a simple tee that can make you comfortable but still look stylish.

Add some flair to your maternity style with stylish prints and patterns.

tropical print dress graphic print maternity dress floral print tent dress floral print maternity dress boho chic maternity dress

Wearing tropical prints, retro floral prints, abstract patterns, graphic prints and such add some interest to your look. However, if you wear too many patterns or textured fabrics, the bump is no longer the focus and instead you look larger. When you dress well, you’ll feel confident and happy, so choose to wear pieces that make you feel great and stay true to your personal style during your pregnancy.

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