How to Dress Up Your Jeans

Jeans are the perfect addition to a nice, laidback and casual outfit. They’re easy to wear, easy to style and oh so comfortable, too. In fact, sometimes, they can look too comfy and too laidback that if you’re aiming for a dressier look, you’d have to put in so much effort to achieve it. Thankfully, jeans are super versatile so with the right pieces, you can make it work. Here are some tips on how to dress up your jeans.

  • TUCK YOUR SHIRT AND ADD A BELT – this is a really easy way to make your jeans look dressier and what’s grea about it is that it works with a plain t-shirt as well as with a button up shirt. It even works for long tank tops and just about any top that’s long enough to be tucked in.

dressy jeans look

dressy jeans outfit

  • WEAR IT WITH HEELS – wearing heels never fails to add a touch of posh and sophistication to any look so if you’re looking for a way to dress up your jeans, just wear them with your most gorgeous pair of heels and you should be ready to go. You might also want to bust out your statement heels if what you’re wearing on top is rather simple.

heels and ripped jeans heels and jeans

  • BRING ON THE BLING – if you’re not a fan of wearing bold statement shoes and you’d rather stick to your simple everyday pumps, don’t worry. You can still dress up your jeans without adding a pair of crazy shoes to the mix and you can do that by making sure you accessorize well. Accessorizing always gives an outfit a more posh and sophisticated look and feel. A pair of pearl or diamond stud earrings can go a long way when dressing up your jeans and layering some really cool necklaces can really take your outfit up a notch.

accessorizing your jeans accessorized outfit

  • ADD STRUCTURE TO YOUR LOOK – adding some structure to your look by pairing up your outfit with something like a blazer or even just some geometric print pattern somewhere can really dress up your everyday ordinary jeans. This is a great way to wear your jeans if you’re planning on sneaking them in to the office.

blazer and jacket outfit blazer and jeans

  • WEAR IT BLACK – lastly, if you really think regular blue jeans are way too casual and laidback for your liking and you want something dressier, grab a black pair of jeans instead. Black jeans look so much dressier than their regular blue counterpart so making them look even dressier is going to be a breeze.

black high rise jeans and converse shoes black jeans and graphic top


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