How to Dress the Trendy Fashion Personality

A woman with trendy fashion personality always prefers the latest, most up-to-date fashion available. If you often find yourself looking for fashion you’ve seen in a magazine before it even arrives in the stores, you likely have a trendy fashion personality. Since your fashion style is influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines, and fashion designers, keep on reading on how to dress your trendy personality type while staying true to your personal style.

metallic boots and bandana scarf with casual jeans

neon yellow boots with tweed outfit red boots with jeans and knitted tunic statement scarf with casual outfit trendy accessories with white dress striped pumps with casual chic outfit

To dress for your personality type, you may incorporate trendy accessories with your typical outfit to make a trendy statement. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, a typical outfit of jeans and coat may be trendy enough when worn with metallic boots and bandana scarf. Shoes, handbags, and jewelry all play a big part in your wardrobe, so you may think of brightly colored boots, avant-garde scarves, striped pumps, ear cuffs, chunky necklaces, and even cut-out boots to spice up your street looks. You may even break some fashion rules like wearing your socks with shoes or sandals intentionally. Although it may be difficult to contemplate, you can probably live very well without the “it” bag of the season to avoid splurging on unnecessary items.

color blocked dress color blocked poncho with boots denim jacket with brightly colored skirt hot pink coat with leather trousers pink and purple outfit yellow and blue chic outfit with blue pumps

Although you appreciate a good sale, you don’t especially look for value in your wardrobe, and investment dressing is not your thing. That’s why your closet is full of popular colors in flashy shades of purple, neon yellow, bright red, cobalt blue, tangerine, and such that look trendy and eye-catching. Although you own some clothing in neutral colors, the idea of wearing an item of classic tailored clothing purchased several years ago is foreign to your fashion sensibility as you love to look modern and trendy at all times. For a colorful and trendy look, you may mix those unexpected color combinations or simply opt for color blocked pieces to give you an effortless look.

abstract print dress with tangerine shoes checkered outfit with checkered coat graphic print skirt with pink top oversized heart print sweater with culottes and red pumps striped silk robe with white pumps

When wearing prints, you may go for trendy graphics, abstract prints, geometric patterns, and novelty ones and skip those classic patterns of houndstooth and stripes. Though you could still wear them, go for flashy shades of those classic patterns to avoid look too classic and sharp as you’re aiming for a modern and trendy look. Your trendy style goes perfectly in fashion and entertainment industry, but it may not be as appropriate for the more conservative workplace. Just keep in mind that your cutting edge style and love of celebrity fashion may lead you to wear inappropriate outfits to work at times, so be careful not to hinder your career by what you wear. So, you may think of adding a few basic neutral pieces to your wardrobe that you can mix and match with the trendier items in order to dress for success in your chosen career.

architectural outfit with suede pumps embellished skirt with transparent top metallic blue skirt with black top oversized cobalt blue coat with skinny pants oversized pink coat with crop top and jeans statement coat with flasy dress and tangerine sandals

If you’re not a fan of prints, then go for structured, architectural, and eccentric silhouette that looks trendy. Street style star Chiara Ferragni creatively wore her embellished outfits with grace and confidence that you may wish to go for. A metallic skirt, graphic top, oversized coat, structured pants, architectural skirt, boxy jacket and such can be great to bring some trendy statement to your looks. Just have one trendy piece that you can wear with your timeless pieces to create a voguish look without splurging on new items.

all pink leather outfit with pink pumps borrowed from boys outfit checkered skirt with button down shirt and cropped sweater fashion week outfit layered outfit with socks and shoes oversized coat with socks and sandals tweed outfit with quirky bag

If you don’t have any ensembles that look trendy, then be creative wearing them in layers. You can mix your timeless and classic pieces like a cropped sweater, button-down shirt, checkered skirt and such altogether in one outfit like Blair Eadie did. You don’t always need to buy new trendy items as wearing them in a trendy way, like a layered look, does the trick for you.

Indeed, a trendy fashion style is the boldest look you can have. Just be careful being a fashion victim in following trends, instead, just pick those trends that you feel comfortable wearing and flatters your fashion personality.

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