How to Dress the Rectangle Body Type

A rectangle body type may be an ideal runway model frame, but it can be quite challenging to dress if you wish some curvy silhouette. Defined by a straight waist, relatively lean limbs, and absence of curves around the hips, waist, and bust, a rectangle body type can still give an illusion of a curvier figure through the styling tricks. Whether use structure to embrace your straight lines or use fit ones to create curves, wearing styles that flatter your proportions is your best choice.

crop top with denim shorts

pastel peplum top with skinny pants yellow peplum blouse with shorts

Though waistless and boxy dressing was made for you since the lines glide over a straight waist instead of fighting with curves, you may go for stiff button-down shirts, oversized sweaters, soft-billowing blouses, and swing tops that are an excellent option for you. Tops with bust ruffles, fringes, breast pocket details and such add some dimension to your bust line. Showing off your back, arms, and shoulders as an alternative to cleavage are great to look sexy without showing much skin. On the other hand, if you wish to add some curves to your straight body type, you may go for crop tops, peplum blouses, wrap tops, or even formfitting tops but wear them with voluminous or skin-showing bottoms to create maximum curve. Formfitting tanks and button-down shirts may also look great when tucked into your bottoms.

boyfriend jeans with cool top jeans with edgy outfit short shorts with feminine top skinny jeans with chic top

Your frame was made for baggy cargo pocket pants, ankle pants, cropped pants, boyfriend jeans, and slouchy trousers, so have your pick. Track pants, harem pants, wide legs will work too as long as they aren’t overly wide. On the other hand, if you want to create some curves, go for something very tight, but not constricting like boot cut jeans and skinny jeans.

embellished skirt with cute top high waist skirt with crop top maxi skirt with sequin top

When it comes to skirt, fit-and-flare skirts and A-line skirts need to be fitted at the waist and hip so that you don’t drown in all the flare or you could wear them in shorter lengths. This way, they’ll look better because they hang straighter, which complements your frame. A knee-length pencil skirt that tapers in at the side seams creates even more curve. Also, pencil skirts with bulky details like ruffles or pocket detailing add some volume to your hips making it flattering for your silhouette.

button down shirtdress green coat with cute bag tangerine dress

If you’re a fan of dresses, you may go for straight shirt dresses with or without a belt that were made for you, but just choose the right neckline. Wrap dresses are not the best match because you generally battle to fill them out. Instead, look for bias cut dresses that will accentuate the slightest curves of your body.

leather jacket with edgy outfit fur jacket with jeans coat with casual chic outfit

You can create some curves by means of your outerwear. For instance, belted jackets, trench coats and tailored pea coats, and even peplum jackets are great if the waist is fitted. Also, side panels will create the illusion of slender waist of go for ones that are nipped in the waist to create curves. However,, if you want to hug your straight body type, you may simply go for masculine shaped jackets with straight lines like a boyfriend blazer, motorcycle jacket, bomber jackets, oversized coats, and even avant-garde ones that are often asymmetric. However, be careful pulling asymmetric ones as they often hang and look overwhelming on a straight rectangle. If you’re an arty style, better opt for a simpler version of jackets with a structured style and shorter in length.



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