How to Dress Slimmer for Summer

Summer is the one time when everyone gets super conscious about the way their body looks and this is because summer is skin-baring season which means that revealing outfits are in and on trend. If you’re not into skin-baring looks, though, but you still want to look your best for the season, check out these tips on how to dress slimmer for summer. These tips will surely help you look even more fit and slender and will definitely give you that va-va-voom summer look.

  • WEAR A FLOUNCY SKIRT – wearing a flouncy skirt is a great way to add a stylish feminine vibe to your look but aside from that, did you know that it’s also one of the easier ways to look slimmer in an instant? A flouncy skirt can minimize and conceal your midsection area and make your hips and thighs look slimmer which is great if you consider those your problem areas.

flouncy skirt and white top

flouncy white skirt

  • MIX PRINTS – if you’re more of the trendy type, a great styling tip that you can use to look slimmer instantly this summer is to mix prints. Do the double print trend and use it to your advantage. Wear bigger prints on areas you want to bring attention to and smaller prints on areas you want to take attention away from. Using different prints on different areas also distracts the eye and keeps it from noticing your problem areas.

mixed prints floral and stripes mixed prints gorgeous outfit

  • OPT FOR HIGH-WAISTED BOTTOMS – many women shy away from high waisted bottoms because they think it isn’t for them but the truth is that high waisted bottoms are actually universally flattering. You just have to find a pair that fits you perfectly and you’re set for summer.

highwaisted pinstriped trousers high waisted pants and crop top

  • TRY OUT A CROP TOP – if you haven’t already tried wearing a crop top, you better do it now because you’re missing out! A good crop top will not only make you look chic but will also help you look slimmer for summer. To make sure your crop top flatters your figure, make sure it comes down to your natural waist. To get optimum slimming results, you can also pair it with high waisted bottoms.

crop top and pants outfit crop top and yellow maxi skirt

  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH A-LINE DRESSES – summer is a great time to show off your girly side and wear your favorite dresses. While you’re at it, why not turn your attention specifically towards the A-line silhouetted ones? A-line dresses are perfect for dressing slim, be it for summer or any other season.

aline striped dress aline maroon dress

  • WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK – forget about sweating all day in an all black ensemble in the summer and wear white instead. Just like black, white can make you look slimmer when done right. Go for clean and streamlined silhouettes and don’t be afraid of a little structure in your look. For a surefire slimming combo, try a white button up with a form-fitting pencil skirt in white.

white summer outfit a la kim kardashian white summer outfit

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