How to Dress Like Gigi Hadid


Last year was a great year for Gigi Hadid and I reckon this year will be even greater for this style star. Despite the number of fierce competition in the industry, some of her friends included, Gigi manages to stand out, especially when it comes to street style off duty looks. You could say Gigi is one of the coolest models around right now and many girls look up to her for inspiration. If you adore her style, check out these tips on how to dress like Gigi Hadid.

  1. Be rugged for the streets – Gigi’s signature street style looks always have one thing in common and that is that they are pretty rugged. Rarely do we see this supermodel off duty wearing something extremely dressy or super posh. Rather, we always see her wearing something along the lines of ripped jeans, crop tops and muscle tanks layered with sexy bralettes.summer look with pink bag
    super chic outfit by gigi hadid
  2. But don’t forget to add a feminine touch, too – no matter how rugged her looks are, one thing that GIgi never forgets to do is to add a fun, flirty, feminine touch to her look. This can be anything from body jewelry to a pair of statement heels or a really cute purse. Doing this ensures you that you create a look that’s balanced and doesn’t make you come off as if you’re trying too hard.comfy sweater dress and boots on gigi hadid gorgeous shirt dress on gigi hadid
  3. Don’t be afraid to show some skin – it doesn’t matter if you’re a little flat chested or if your behind isn’t as toned as you would like it to be, showing a bit of skin is a great way to inject some sexy vibe to your look. Show as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The first thing you should prioritize, more than style, is comfort, after all.super simple street style look gigi hadid sporting athleisure
  4. Choose neutral colors – neutral colors are easy to style and you can pair up just about any other color with them which is why they make a great staple for any wardrobe, regardless of what your personal style is and for Gigi, neutral colors like black, white and beige are constant.basic outfit with chic vibe beige and denim color combo outfit
  5. Always wear pointed shoes – want to know the secret to Gigi’s highly coveted supermodel legs? While she’s already naturally blessed with gorgeous gams, she takes it up a notch further and makes them look longer by wearing pointed heels which are proven to give the illusion of longer legs all the time.

all neutral color palette basic pieces with a statement jacket

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