How to Dress Like Beyonce

Beyonce is ones of the most flawlessly best dressed celebs today so it’s no wonder that a lot of ladies would love to dress like her. And although Beyonce would typically ‘wake up like this’ every morning, looking like that, it’s not always easy for us to achieve the same look so here are some tips on how to dress like Beyonce for the ladies out there who would like to pay homage to the Queen B.

  • EMBRACE YOUR CURVES – Beyonce is really curvy and while other women with the same body type try to hide theirs, she flaunts hers. And for good reason, too! Curves can be really sexy and flattering when dressed right. There are lots of ways to make your curves work to your advantage but the main thing, really, is to wear clothes that DON’T hide your curves but rather hug them.

fab Beyonce outfit

beyonce outfit perfect curvy outfit

  • GO ALL OUT ON GLAM – you may not always dress glam because you don’t do concerts and stuff that Bey does but when you do get the opportunity to go glam, make sure you go all out! Take the opportunity to rock some glitters and sequins, show off your bod or to simply just wear your most fabulous dress. You can also add a bit of glitz and glam to your everyday look by making sure you look your hair and makeup looks hot no matter what you’re wearing.

glam at a basketball game glam outfit glamorous outfit

  • COACHELLA OUTFITS ALL SUMMER LONG – you don’t have to be at Coachella to wear Coachella fashion. Take it from Beyonce who’s summer wardrobe basically makes her Coachella-ready any time. Crop tops, Daisy Dukes, Boho accessories – these are just some of the basic essentials you need to make sure you have in your summer wardrobe all the time.

summer denim on denim summer fab outfit summer outfit stripes summer outfit

  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH PRINTS – prints and patterns can take your outfit to a whole new level. They make any outfit look more interesting by adding depth and dimension to them and Bey knows that all too well for she loves her prints and wears them all the time. Start out with one print and once you’ve mastered that, move on to mixing and matching them. You’ll have so much fun and you’ll end up with a fabulous outfit, for sure.

print on print a la bey printed dress printed matching set printed pants

  • GET COMFY IN HEELS – Beyonce’s physique is already to-die-for just as it is but when she wears heels, her body just goes to a whole other level of sexiness. Take the time to look for heels that you can wear comfortably. A good pair of heels is the perfect finishing touch to a fierce outfit.

heels outfit heels in red heels red patent leather flawless heels

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