How to Dress Like a Street Style Star

Getting up and getting dressed in the morning is inarguably one of the hardest parts of the day but while you struggle with the day’s outfit, there are style superstars out there who breeze through a week’s outfits without difficulty because they have it all figured out. How do they do that, you ask? It’s all about knowing what to buy and how to wear it. Here are some tips on how to dress like a street style star so that you, too, won’t have to worry too much about what to wear every morning anymore.

  • TRY LEATHER OVERALLS – think denim overalls are too casual and frumpy for your sleek and chic style? Why not try getting yours in leather? Leather always makes any piece of clothing item look much sleeker so it’ll fit right in with all the other things in your wardrobe.

leather overalls and white shirt

leather overalls in brown

  • THROW ON A MINI SLING – that mini sling bag can really give your outfit a lot of personality so if you aren’t carrying much around, opt for one instead of a wristlet or a clutch. It’s a great daytime piece to invest in but you could most certainly take it to the night as well.

mini sling bag mini red sling bag mini chanel sling

  • GO FOR THE GOLD – I know people are always going on and on about finding out whether your skin tone is warm or cool before deciding on what metal to wear but gold is just so universal, it’ll look great on its own for people with warm tones and mixed with other metals like silver for people with cooler tones. If you’re ever looking for an easy way to glam up a look, just reach for gold.

gold and mix metals gold accessproes

  • LET IT SLIP OFF THE SHOULDER – an off-the-shoulder style top can give you that effortless chic and sexy look but you don’t always have to sport one to get the look. If you’ve got an oversized tee with a rather loose and wide neckline, let it slip off the shoulder to reveal some skin and get just a hint of sexiness.

off the shoulder jumper off the shoulder black top

  • SKIRTS AND BOOTS MAKE A GREAT DUO – whether it’s a miniskirt or a maxi one, you just know it’ll look great with boots. Maxi skirts look best with heavier boots like combat boots and moto boots while shorter ones look better with ankle boots and OTK’s.

skirt and boots look skirt and boots outfit

  • GO THRIFTING – if you truly think and feel that there’s nothing more in your wardrobe that youc an wear, resist the urge to hit the mall and try to go thrift store shopping instead. The clothes you’ll find at thrift stores are super unique and a lot of them have gorgeous details that are sure to make your look stand out.

thrifted dress and boots thrifted outfit

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