How to Dress Like a Million Bucks, Even When You’re Broke

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune on your outfit. Sometimes, it’s all about picking out tasteful pieces, making classy combos, and finishing off with jazzy accessories to look dressed to the nines. Here are some really easy and inexpensive tips on how to dress like a million bucks, even when you’re broke.


Forget about knock-offssuede trench coat dress olivia palermo sexy classy look
sweet and sassy stylish outfit pink dress and sneakers

If you think the easiest way to look expensive is to fake it, you’re wrong! In fact, forget about faking it and wearing knockoffs. Instead, look for affordable options that look classy and chic. If you’re really strapped for cash, thrift shops are a good place to check out. There are tons of treasures in them, all you have to do is keep a keen eye and maybe dig a little through the piles.


Stay away from racy, raunchy dressessimple floral dress with killer shoes and chic bag spring summer casual outfit cute cool

Every wonder why ultra-sexy designer dresses are so expensive, even though they’re made with less material? One reason is that it’s hard to achieve such a sexy look without looking cheap and racy. The overall combination of design, embellishments, and fabric choice make said dresses look classy which, really, is quite a mission to take on for mass producers.


Minimal jewelry does the jobperfect fall outfit with cape simple combo that looks fashionable and expensive

Yes, the addition of jewelry can really make your outfit look more classy and expensive, but once you go over the top, you run the risk of looking like you overshopped at the Target accessories aisle. When you’re trying to look like a million bucks, keep the jewelry down to a minimum.


Pay attention to the smallest of detailscute outfit white dress scarf and bag gorgeous floral dress and dainty bag with chain strap gold accessories

Sometimes it’s the small details that make or break your look, so pay attention to them! Ironing your clothes, for example, is an extra step that only takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time every morning but could make sure a difference. Having your clothes altered and adjusted for a better fit will help tremendously, too!


Use accessories to your advantagechic neutral outfit looks expensive cool stylish culottes and heels

Sporting a simple piece from your favorite fast fashion brand? Use accessories like scarves, belts, shoes, and bags to your advantage to make them look more expensive. Check out the photos below for inspiration.


Don’t try too hardbreezy summer outfit neutral pop of color blue casual outift jeans silk top sexy

Keep everything simple and don’t try too hard. Everything looks better when it looks and feels natural, so don’t think too much about whether your scarf is still perfectly draped across your neck or whether your bag is hung on your arms at the right angle.


What other tips do you have for looking expensive even when you’re super broke? Share them in comments!

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