How to Dress Like a Hipster

Hipsters are everywhere and hipster fashion is super popular nowadays. Now, I know not everyone likes hipster fashion and that’s okay. If you don’t like it, no one’s forcing you to dress like it and if you do, go ahead and do a full on hipster look. Hipster fashion is basically a mix of modern, post-modern and vintage. It’s very interesting and unique and I think it’s a fun look for teens to try. What’s great, too, about dressing up like a hipster is that the brand of clothes you wear don’t really matter so you don’t need that big of a budget if you just want to re-create this look. Here are some tips on how to dress like a hipster.

  • Wear high-waisted bottoms –high waisted bottoms are very flattering and they’re perfect if you need to look a few inches taller than you already are or if you want to accentuate the sexy curves on your waist but aside from that, high waisted bottoms are the perfect style of jeans and shorts to go for if you want to pull off the hipster look.

belted high waisted shorts

high waisted denim shorts

  • Rock a crop top – crop tops are not just great for summer, they’re great for re-creating hipster looks as well. Wear it with high waisted pants or high waisted shorts and you’re ready to go! If you’re not too confident about baring too much of your midriff in a crop top, choose a slightly longer one that would overlap with your high waisted bottoms or take inspiration from our next idea.

white crop top summer floral crop top

  • Sport a collared shirt – a lot of people think that collared shirts are for preppy looks only but you can definitely wear them for creating hipster looks as well. In fact, it’s a pretty popular wardrobe staple that you’ll see in a hipster’s closet. Layering is often done to make the collar ‘pop’ but if the weather is too hot for layering, you can just leave it on its own.

american flag shirt green plaid shirt

  • Put on a hat – let’s move on to hipster accessories, shall we? Because we all know that an outfit is never complete without accessories and that certain looks are defined by the accessories that you wear. A good piece of accessory that you should have if you want to create the hipster look is a snazzy hat. Fedoras are pretty popular in hipster fashion but a nice floppy hat for summer will do, too, if you want to make your look a bit more girly and a bit summery too while keeping the hipster vibe. For colder days like those in fall and winter, you can change it up to slouchy beanies instead.

woven straw hat fun blue hat

  • Thick rimmed glasses – for an instant hipster vibe that you can add to any look, just rock a pair of thick rimmed, over sized sunglasses. It doesn’t even matter if you need the glasses or not or if they’re graded lenses or not as long as you have them on, you’ll have that fun, hipster vibe in your look. Eyes needing a bit more protection? Opt for sunglasses instead.

black plastic glasses colorful thick rimmed sunnies

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