How to Dress Like a Fab French Fashionista

French woman are always well-dressed and I think they’re the most fashionable women in the world. It just seems like they have it all: great body, classy looks and very fashionable wardrobes. They can pull off just about any look and make their outfits classy and timeless-looking. They may not always dress in fancy designer pieces but they always look like a million bucks and I think that we can all learn a little something from them. If you love French fashion just as much as I do, I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate these tips on how to dress like a fab French fashionista.

  • Make sure everything fits – the key to dressing like the French is to always make sure that your clothes fit well. Never wear anything too baggy or too tight. Ill-fitting clothes aren’t just unflattering for any body type, they also make you look sloppily-dressed. You don’t need to have all your clothes custom-made to fit you like a glove but having basic skills in sewing so you can adjust the fit of some pieces is definitely a plus.

girly french fashion

white and brown leather

  • Invest in basic piece – if there’s one thing that you’ll notice with the way French women dress, it’s definitely the fact that their outfits always start with basic pieces. T-shirt, jeans, stripes – these are just some of the things that French fashionistas can’t be without so if you want to dress like them, make sure your wardrobe is well-stocked with basic pieces like these. As always, make sure that the basic pieces you invest in are those that will flatter your figure and make you look great.

simple and chic outfit simple french outfit

  • Wear neutral colors – another important thing to note about French fashion is that there aren’t that many bright colors worn in one outfit. Sure, you can wear pops of color here and there but for the most part, stick to neutral colors. Mixing neutrals is definitely easier than figuring out which bright color goes with what. If you’ve sported the minimalist style in fashion, this will be an easy thing to follow.

soft neutral colors black and white outfit

  • Layer only when necessary – layering is a technique that you can use if you need extra warmth for colder days. It adds depth and dimension to your outfit and it makes it more complex and interesting as well. However, if you want to dress like the French ladies, you should only layer when necessary and if you do decide that layering is needed, make sure that you keep it to a maximum of three layers to avoid overdoing your look. French fashion is all about simplicity and elegance so make sure you keep your outfits as such.

basic and neutral basic french layers

  • Use simple accessories – accessories are essential in dressing up, French style or not. If you’re feeling like doing what the French do, though, try to steer clear of ‘pop’ or ‘fancy’ jewelry and go for dainty and elegant pieces instead like diamond stud earrings and dainty chain necklaces or bracelets with simple charms. These are the pieces that will go well with your classic chic outfits.

pop of color neutral colors for french dressing

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